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Monday, February 17, 2020

How to Promote & Market Your Blog - 8 Fundamental Steps

There are countless reasons why someone starts blogging. Some start as a hobby and some do it for a living. With a blog, you can expand your networking opportunities with professional peers. Through a blog, you can establish their expertise and extend their online reach. I personally have started blogging as a side gig aside working in my dad’s company. Writing financial related contents for my blog can be a fun lifestyle that can potentially increase my alternative income. I’ve started my finance blog that you are reading right now since 2015. However, I was not really active in writing content for my blog for several years. It was just after this year, I started to put more time into it. I hope the contents I wrote can be beneficial for readers as well as helping me improve to become a better investor and businessman. Creating a blog is an easy matter that anyone can do. The challenge is being able to get your blog known by others on the internet. There’s no point of having a blog that’s beautifully made and has interesting content, but having no one coming into your blog. Promoting and Marketing your blog is a crucial step to become a successful blogger. By promoting and marketing your blog the right way can expose your content to broader audiences, which could lead to business and career opportunities. I am personally is still working my way to figure out how I can promote and market my blog. This led me to do more research on the internet so that I can be good at it. In this article, I would like to share the information and knowledge I learned and the experience I undergo to promote and market my blog.