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Friday, December 25, 2020

New Year 2021 Resolution (My Personal Plan & Goal for the Year)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone!! It is now the year 2021, and I hope this year will be better than the previous one. I hope this year will be great for all of us. I am glad that I was able to go through 2020 without any significant problems. I had stuck with my financial plan, such as saving and investing every month. Even though 2020 was not a great year since we faced Covid-19 Pandemic, and the problem is not yet solved, my portfolio has performed pretty decent. 
2021 is a new year for all of us, which is the time to start something new. I realized that I am getting older every year, and I want every beginning of the year to begin with a New Year resolution. I want to have a goal that I want to achieve something for this new beginning. In this article, I would like to share my goal and plan for this fresh start to the year. I will also explain my career and business plan to increase my income and what I'm going to do with my stock portfolio investment. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Why You Should Ignore Market Noise When Investing in the Stock Market

The stock market is always reacting to recent market news. The price of stocks can go up and down every single day from current news that’s happening. Warren Buffett famously said that like dieting, successful investing is far easier to understand than to accomplish. This is because it requires discipline. However, many investors did not realize that they are always affected by market news from various outlets. They are impacted by the market noises that are happening in the stock market. Market noise has become appreciably louder for most consumers since the internet has become widely available. 

If you are still new to the stock investing world, you need to read this article. Many amateur investors fall into this market noise trap. In this blog content, I will explain what market noise is and what causes the market noise to occur? Lastly, investors should ignore it and use this market fluctuation to their advantage when investing in the stock market.  


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Why Living in Indonesia is an Advantage for Me to Build Wealth

Jakarta, Indonesia, is my hometown. This is the country where I was born. However, I was mostly overseas, living in Singapore and the United States when I was young. It was a privilege for me to receive my education from developed countries. If it wasn't because of my father working hard, I wouldn't get this kind of opportunity.

After graduating from San Francisco State University with a finance major, I decided to move back to Jakarta, Indonesia, to pursue my career. I did regret coming back too soon since I wasn't making the kind of income I was hoping for. I should have tried to apply for a job in the United States after graduating from university.


It has been almost 8 years since I moved back to Jakarta, Indonesia. I did think about how my life would be if I had stayed in the United States instead of moving back to Jakarta, Indonesia. I know I could have earned and accumulated wealth if I had a decent paying job in the United States. However, after doing some critical thinking and comparison, I concluded that deciding to move back to Jakarta was the right thing for me to do.


I know working in my father's company doesn't generate much income for me. I could have made a better wage if I was working in the United States. However, I believe living in Jakarta, Indonesia has its own advantage for me. Despite earning a meager income, living in Jakarta, Indonesia, is still perfect for building my own personal wealth. In this article, I will explain why living in Jakarta, Indonesia is excellent for me to build my own personal wealth. Moreover, I'll explain why moving back to my hometown is the right thing for me to do.


Sunday, December 6, 2020

The Janitor Who Became a Multi-Millionaire By Retirement

We always portray someone who is a multi-millionaire to have lavish lifestyles. Usually, we think they live in a big mansion, drives a nice sports car, and own many other expensive things. Moreover, we often believe that to become a multi-millionaire, you need to have a high-paying job such as becoming a CEO, Doctor, or Lawyer.

I was also naïve when I was still young. I always thought that to become a multi-millionaire, you need to make a lot of money. However, did you know that to become a multi-millionaire does not require many of these traits? You will be surprised to find out that you do not need to earn a massive paycheck to become a millionaire. In this article, I want to tell the story of a Vermont-based janitor and gas station attendant name Ronald Read who secretly amassed multi-million-dollar wealth. I will explain how he did it and how we can apply it in our life as well.