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Friday, December 25, 2020

New Year 2021 Resolution (My Personal Plan & Goal for the Year)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone!! It is now the year 2021, and I hope this year will be better than the previous one. I hope this year will be great for all of us. I am glad that I was able to go through 2020 without any significant problems. I had stuck with my financial plan, such as saving and investing every month. Even though 2020 was not a great year since we faced Covid-19 Pandemic, and the problem is not yet solved, my portfolio has performed pretty decent. 
2021 is a new year for all of us, which is the time to start something new. I realized that I am getting older every year, and I want every beginning of the year to begin with a New Year resolution. I want to have a goal that I want to achieve something for this new beginning. In this article, I would like to share my goal and plan for this fresh start to the year. I will also explain my career and business plan to increase my income and what I'm going to do with my stock portfolio investment. 
What do I want from 2021? 
This year, there are many things I want to accomplish. I will soon turn 31 this March, and I felt that I had not achieved the things I want in life yet. With a new beginning, there are many things I want to accomplish.  
This year, I want to keep sticking with my financial plan toward financial freedom. I will continue to save the same amount of money every month and invest in the stock market. The journey to financial freedom is still very long and far ahead. It requires me to be dedicated and to stick with the plan and strategy every year. By delaying my gratification, I hope to receive something more remarkable when I decide to retire 14 years from now. I really want to enjoy life once I reached the financial goal in 2035. 
As part of my plan for 2021 is to stay on top with my saving and investing. I do not want to lose track of my plan and want to stay focus on the plan. I do not think I will be planning to spend on unnecessary things anymore. I believe that I have almost all the things I want in life. For example, my clothing collection is more than enough. In fact, my closet is running out of space for new clothes. Since I want to keep things organized in my closet, I will not shop for clothes anymore. This will help me from spending money on clothes anymore. I have some stuff that I need to purchase through; however, I have already saved up the money for them. 
I believe that to successfully attain the goal of financial freedom, I have to always search for solutions. Besides living below my mean and investing most of my income, I have to find new ways to generate more income. I think this is the most challenging task out of all. Making money online is not as easy as it sounds. However, I will not give up easily, even though I'm making close to nothing for the time being invested in my side hustle projects.

What am I looking forward to purchasing this year?
There are some things I do need to buy this year. Yes, I know I mentioned I won't be spending my money on things this year, but these are necessary since it's related to my work. These purchases can also be an investment for me. Instead of spending my monthly budget on expensive entertainment activities, these purchases can keep me busy and not bored at home. 
I have already saved the cash for these purchases. Since I didn't go out much in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, I have saved extra money each month from my monthly budget to buy these things. I don't have a credit card to purchase stuff on payments since I am against trying to buy things on credits. I like the feeling of buying something without having to borrow money for it. It's just a habit for me now since my family members, like my dad and mom, always buy things with cash (without debt).  
Apple iPhone 12 Pro: 
First, I am planning to buy a brand new Apple iPhone 12 Pro (128GB). I believe the iPhone 12 Pro Smartphone is something I can't avoid buying. It will be an upgrade from iPhone X that I have been using for almost two years. I find that the new iPhone 12 Pro has many new features from my current iPhone X. Moreover, I am planning to use the iPhone 12 Pro for work purposes. iPhone 12 Pro comes with an advanced camera that can help me with my career plan as a YouTuber. 
As for my previous phone, I will sell my older iPhone X in the online market place. I hope I can get some money for it. The phone is still in good condition, and selling it can help me pay some of the money for the brand new iPhone 12 Pro. For every new purchase I usually do, I often make sure that I can somehow do something about the last things I own. I either try selling in the online market or let someone I know can use it.

DELL 34 inch 34U3419W Monitor:
Furthermore, I am also planning to purchase equipment for my work setup that's going to be in my bedroom. I have saved the money for them in 2020 and planning to buy them in cash. I have been waiting for a long time to set up a work station in my bedroom. Having a work station in my bedroom will help me become more productive at night. So during my free time, when I'm just hanging out in my bedroom, I can actually do some work. 
My bedroom work station's equipment consists of a 34" Dell Monitor that I'm going to connect to my Dell XPS 15 Laptop, and other gadgets such as a keyboard and mouse. I will also probably buy a brand new office chair for me to sit on when working on the desk. 
I don't have to purchase a new computer since I already have the old laptop I bought back in 2017. I felt that I have underutilized using my laptop since I barely use it. The laptop was purchased for a pretty large amount of money, and it has a fantastic specification that comes along with it. Hooking up my laptop to my workstation will be an excellent thing. I'm very excited to set this work station of mine since I can also play some P.C. games aside from being more productive when I'm chilling in my room at night.
If your readers haven't known me very well, I am also a P.C. games enthusiast. When I was young, I have spent many hours playing P.C. video games every day. I play competitive games such as Counter-Strike, Diablo 2, WarCraft 3, and many more. I plan to start playing some P.C. games when I have set up my workstation in my room. Of course, I am not planning to waste more of my time playing video games, and only plan to spend some time playing when I feel bored and want to entertain myself a bit.  
Even though I know that playing video games is a waste of time, I believe this leisure activity can save money. I spend a lot of my money from my monthly budget drinking at the bar and club. It's not a cheap activity since alcohol is costly at these places. By having a work station in my room, I can avoid going out when I'm bored at home. It doesn't cost much, playing video games at home, and it is also an enjoyable and entertaining activity to do. 
Usually, I spent approximately close to $100 or more each night on alcohol when I partied at the club or bar. If I total it up, it can be almost close to $500 a month that I spent on this activity. Instead of wasting my money on that activity, I can use it for something more worth it. For instance, I can use the money to buy things I actually like or a nice fancy dinner with someone. 

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Gaming Mouse: 
I am thinking of purchasing this mouse for a working setup in my bedroom. The cost of the mouse is close to $200 in Indonesia. It is a pretty expensive price mouse, but I need it for playing video games. I hope I can perform well when playing first-person shooter games. I know by investing more in a great gaming mouse can let me perform better when playing games. 
I usually won't spend much when buying things. However, a great gaming mouse is a must for me. I can't avoid purchasing this mouse since I need it for gaming.

Razer Black Widow V3 Pro Wireless Keyboard: 
I also want to purchase this keyboard from Razer for my work setup. It's not a cheap keyboard and cost close to $200 in Indonesia. I like this keyboard because it comes with a wireless feature. I don't like having cables lying around the desk and want to make it neat and organize. 
I know I'm spending a lot of money just for a keyboard. But I do need a great keyboard that I can type on. Hopefully, this purchase will motivate me to work harder. 

Razer Nommo Pro 2.1 Speaker: 
I know I mentioned not spending money on unnecessary things. This speaker is considered to be unnecessary goods since I can buy cheaper speakers. However, I have something for high-end audio. Almost every of my audio equipment, such as my home-theatre speakers, my headset, and my car audio, are high-end brand products. I don't go cheap when it comes to audio. I like listening to music with an audio system that produces high-quality music.
I believe I spent a lot of money on all my audio equipment. This is something I can't avoid spending. This speaker I'm going to buy is for my work station in my bedroom. I already own a Focal Home Theatre speakers for my television set, but I need an audio system for my computer. I want to be able to listen to music when I am working in my bedroom. 
The other reason why I want this particular speaker for my pc setup is that I want to match it with my other Razer brand gadgets such as a mouse and keyboard. I think Razer brand products are highly designed. I like the looks for their products since it looks futuristic and modern. I want to match it up with the LED lighting that will be installed under the desk.

L.G. Nano 80 Series 65 inch 4K T.V.: 
Besides going to set up my work station in my room, I do have the last thing I want to purchase on my wish list. I want to upgrade my 47-inch size L.G. brand television in my bedroom to a 65-inch size L.G. brand television. I am not in a rush to buy this since I am waiting for my dad to actually need a television set for the CCTV camera in the company's shophouse. I'm not sure if I will use my money or my dad's money for this purchase since I want my dad to use the television in my room for the shophouse. Using a used television for CCTV is excellent enough, and doesn't require a new one. I hope the television can be purchased using my dad's money since I am compensating for my current tv in my room for his shophouse.
Like my work station setup, a brand new television will be a source of entertainment for me. I always watch the television when I am hanging out in my bedroom. Having a more massive size television is not only an upgrade from my previous one, but I am sure I can have more fun watching tv. The larger screen size will be excellent, and I am sure I will feel the difference from the upgrade. 
Since the new television will come with the Smart T.V. feature, I will watch YouTube content on personal finance, investing, and other useful information. While working on something in my new computer work station, I can simultaneously watch helpful content on the television.

My Career Plan in 2021: 
I felt that I have been unproductive in 2020. I do not think I accomplished much last year. Yes, I was able to commit to saving and investing my money. However, I did not improve much for my career. I still didn't find the solution to earning more money for my primary income, and because of that, I am stuck with the same monthly payment that I received from my dad.
I seriously need to figure out how I can increase my primary income since the wage I'm getting from my dad is minimal (in the United States). Many of my friends who are living in the United States make a significant income from their job. I wish I could make the kind of income they are making, but I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, and not the United States. My only solution to this problem is finding ways how I can make U.S. dollars in my country. 

Online Jobs: 
I hope the work station I will build in my room this year will help me be more productive during my free time. I am going to continue searching for a solution to how I can earn money online. Looking on the Internet to make some additional income is my only solution in the meantime. I am planning to look for online jobs that I can work in my bedroom. I am not sure what jobs exactly are going to be available for me. However, I believe that I can come up with something if I keep searching for it. 
Real Estate Agent (Prop2Go).
I have decided to become a property sales agent at Prop2Go. This property agent company is owned by a friend of mine, Stanley Yap. I am going to get paid by the commission as a property sales agent. I want to do this as my side job because I want to learn about the property market in Indonesia. In addition, I can potentially make some extra money by becoming a property sales agent.
Graham Stephan, a famous financial YouTube guru, started his career by becoming a real estate broker. I believe by becoming a real estate agent, I am following his career path. I want to learn the traits of becoming a successful property sales agent. This will be a challenge for me to learn about the property market in Indonesia as well as how I can successfully close deals. 
Because this is my side job, I am only going to be doing this as my part-time. I'm not sure whether I can make money from this job. However, I am going to try my best. I'm not going to focus on trying to make a lot of money from doing this job. My reason for becoming a property sales agent is because I want to learn a new skill and gain experience that can potentially make me into a better business person.

Regency Brand (PT. Hanter Industry).
I will also try to be more active in my dad's company. I cannot do many things for the company since the company is already running by itself. My dad had made his company into a great business that runs on autopilot. He is still in charge now, making all the critical decisions. I am very impressed with how my dad has built the company into. Without him, my brother and I would not have the privilege we have right now. It is a privilege to be working in my dad's company with a monthly salary for only working as a freelance (part-time) in the company.
I am not sure what else I can contribute to the company, but I will always figure out something I can do to create value. I am not hoping for a pay raise, and know that my wage will be the same. This is why I need to figure out how I can make more money on the side. If my side-hustles can turn out to be a success, I can potentially make more money for primary income. 
I was fortunate that I have been saving and investing since I started working for my dad. If I wasn't disciplined with my personal finance, I would not have been able to have the amount of personal wealth I have right now (millionaire status). I'm also lucky that I did not get myself into acquiring debt. I have always stayed away from debt. Having no debt helps me create wealth faster. I have seen many of my friends that got themselves into acquiring debt. This issue results in being a burden for some of them because it's challenging to build wealth when you have debt payment you need to make.
My Side-Hustle Business Plan in 2021: 
My business plan for 2021 is to continue to look for the opportunity I can do to make some money on the Internet. I believe I need to figure out how I can create a successful business to generate more income. I am currently working in several side-hustles that can potentially be a new source of income for me.

Billionaire Bunny Blog: 
As for the Billionaire Bunny blog website, I will continue contributing article content monthly. The stock portfolio I have placed on the website will be updated for my personal use and for the public to learn and monitor. 
I have built the website all by myself without requiring me to invest any of my money into it. I am delighted with the achievement I made by myself in creating the website. I was able to gain new skills and experience from this project. Moreover, the blog is already monetized with Google Adsense. This allows me to make some passive income from owning the blog. It's only generating pennies and dimes at the moment; however, it can somehow be successful if I keep working on it.
I want my blog to become a marketing tool for me to sell products and services I might want to sell in the future. I am thinking of building my brand using social media such as Instagram and Facebook etc. By focusing on building my brand, people can know about my business, and hopefully, I can gain their trust. This is really essential because I can sell products and services that I am currently working on.

Billionaire Bunny & FinzWatch YouTube Channel: 
I am planning to start creating video content for YouTube. I believe that the YouTube channel can help me earn some passive income from AdSense. It is a business that I am going to continue working for. 
Since I plan to become a YouTuber, I need to learn how to edit videos using my computer. Video editing using Adobe Premiere is a skill I need to learn this year. I don't know where exactly I can learn it. However, I believe there are sources on the Internet. Once I finished building my work station in my bedroom, I plan to produce a minimum of one video content each month. I will start by creating one video every month, making 12 videos in a year.

My Book (Snowball From Zero): 
Furthermore, I want to finish is writing my own book on building wealth from zero using dividend growth investing. I have written close to fifty pages for my book that I want to publish. I hope that the book I'm currently working on can be published and sold to the public. I'm not expecting to make a lot of money from it; however, I'll be content to even get it published. I plan to have the book price very affordable, probably around the $5 to $10 range only. I don't want to charge people a high fee for the book I am currently working on. 
If people like my friends and others are willing to even buy my book, I'll be pleased about it. I want my book to provide value for readers and teach them how to build wealth through dividend growth investing. It's really cool to have your own published book. Even when I'm not making a lot of money from it, I really enjoy writing it. I want to let people know I have a book of my own; it's really cool. Also, I can let my kids read the book I have written one day. 
My own written book's goal is so that people can have a basic understanding of what I'm doing to build wealth through dividend growth investing. If I decide to create an online course one day, people who already read my book can comprehend the things I'm talking about. The book is an excellent way for me to introduce myself to the public. 

Online Course (Value Investing 101): 
Creating an online course on stock investing using the value investing principle is on my to-do-list. I have already begun a draft plan of what I am going to teach in the program. I am planning to use the web platform my friend already have. Christopher Lee Susanto has an online course web platform that I am thinking of asking you to share with me. I want to create an online course on my own and host it on his website platform. By doing this, I can minimize overhead costs by sharing one platform instead of creating another online course platform. 
In the online course, I am planning to create video content for potential students to view. This online course (Value Investing 101) will teach students how to invest in the stock market using the value investing principle. My goal is to have students be able to invest as I did for a very affordable price. I am planning to charge people no more than $20 for the online course. This is so I can sell my online course at a mass volume quantity. I also have an idea of including my book (Snowball From Zero) to be included with the online course package.
Hopefully, creating this online course on stock investing can be an introduction for anyone interested in learning. Students can know more about me, which can potentially be an excellent way to sell my next products. I can't confirm what will be included in the online course package since I still have to discuss this matter with Christopher Lee Susanto

Bun's Bargains Online E-Commerce Store:
For the last project, I am planning to utilize the grandfathered Shopify account that I have. I was thinking of using it for an online e-commerce shop that sells electronic and home appliances products. I'm interested in working with a friend of mine that is in the home appliances distribution business. 
By creating an online store that sells electronic and home appliances products, I can monitor what products are suitable for sale. This way, I can advise my dad to manufacture products that are hot selling. It is a win to win situation. I can make some money selling products in my online store and simultaneously research the market for home appliances products added to my dad's company.
I believe I need to create a successful online e-commerce business of my own before starting an online course in this niche. I don't want to teach students just on theory. I want to make sure that I already have done it myself. 
This side-hustle is something I would like to work on. However, it will not be my main focus since I already have many other projects going on. I am going to work on this project slowly, and it might not be done by 2021.

Monthly Budget for 2021: 
I am not planning to increase my monthly budget any time soon. The reason is that I have not increased my primary income. If I had to increase my monthly budget, I could not save and invest the same amount towards my financial freedom. 
I am also glad that I do not have many things to purchase this year. I believe I have almost everything I need in my life. Not having many things that I need to buy this year enables me to stick with the monthly budget. I spend an estimated amount of Rp 15,000,000 (USD 1,065) a month, and I believe this is enough for me to survive in Jakarta, Indonesia. 
Despite earning very low income compared to people living in the United States, my expenses in this country are way much lower than people living in the United States. If I'm able to find my way to make money on the Internet, I am able to make U.S. dollars while living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I want to make an income like people who live in the United States and take advantage of low living costs in Jakarta, Indonesia. That's why I believe the Internet is one of the solutions for me to achieve this kind of income. 
Moreover, it can be quite annoying to have a strict monthly budget, but because I don't have anything else to purchase in 2021, I think my monthly budget will help me survive. This is also the reason why I do not want to own anything new. For example, I declined my dad's offer to purchase a new car for me. He wanted to buy it from me; however, I refuse his request. A new vehicle can result in me having more monthly expenses. I feel the car I have right now is excellent enough. Yes, I know it is old; however, the vehicle I currently use still runs perfectly. I hope my dad can give me the money he plans to use for a new car to be invested in the stock market.
Furthermore, I am still living with my parents to save costs. If I have my own place, I will have more expenses for the upkeep of my home. I can have a better lifestyle if I live with my parents because the money that needs to go towards the maintenance of living by myself can be spent on leisure activities that I enjoy. Moreover, I feel that I still have a lot to learn from my dad. The things I learned from him can't learn from school. My dad, whose age is going to be 71, is not getting younger. There is a possibility of him passing away at any given time. This is the reason why I want to company him during this time. 
Yes, I indeed want to have a home of my own one day. However, I believe there is plenty of time to build my dream home in the future. If I reached financial independence, I will have more fun building and designing the home I dream of. Also, I feel that my parents' house is fantastic. Not only it's big in space, but it's also comfortable. My dad has put a lot of time and work into the house. He enjoys renovating and designing the home to the style he wants. Besides, I also think because I am currently single and not married yet, living with my parents is still acceptable. There is more than enough space even if I'm married at my parents' house.

Stock Portfolio Investment Plan & Strategy in 2021: 
My investment portfolios for both Indonesia and the United States are doing pretty decent in the year 2020. My investment portfolios did go through a significant drop in value in March of 2020 when the Corona Pandemic started. I was fortunate I didn't panic to sell my holdings and use them to purchase more stocks that are going down in price. The stock accounts go back up in value near the end of 2020. 
My personal networth combining Indonesia and United States assets is $1,150,000 (as of December 2020). I have all my assets allocated into the stock market and don't own any other assets, such as property. 
I have no clue how my stock portfolio will perform in 2021, but I will keep track and monitor my holdings in all my portfolio holdings. I will continue to apply the value investing principle when picking a stock to be purchased for my portfolio. I believe my stock investment strategy has proven well when it comes to managing my portfolio. I could use my father's starting capital to be creating the personal wealth I have right now. 
My stock portfolios are essential for my side-hustle businesses, such as my book and online courses. This is because they are correlated with the things I'm going to do for my businesses. I need to make sure my stock portfolio performance is doing well to convince potential clients to purchase my book or online course. I don't want to sell something with no proven result and want to make sure the buyers receive the proper value for purchasing my products or services. 
My goal in doing this is so that I can provide value for anyone who purchases my services or products. I don't sell junk to people and only focus on making money. If I'm able to help people to become a great investor as well as wealthy, I'll be happy. I will feel successful if the product and services I create can actually be valuable for people. 

My United States E-Trade Financial Stock Portfolio (Dividend Growth Bunny):
My dividend growth portfolio in the United States fails to meet the expected dividend payout for 2020. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I have many companies in my portfolio to halt their dividend payout. I receive a total of $22,000 in dividend payout (after-tax) in the year 2020. My goal for 2021 is to receive $24,000 in dividends (after-tax) from my portfolio. I'm optimistic about this goal assumption since it seems achievable.
I hope it can pay out the dividends that I expect this year for my U.S. stock portfolio investment. I don't have a clue where the stock market will go this year. However, from the dividends payout and $2,000 monthly distribution to my portfolio, I can allocate the money to purchasing dividend-paying stocks in the value territory. 
Since I am a dividend growth investor, I don't tend to sell the stocks I own. I use the dividends I receive to purchase a new dividend-paying stock that has a great value. I will keep doing this and make my portfolio to keep growing in size. I want compound interest to work on my side. 
My plan is to continue purchasing dividend-paying stocks priced reasonably with the dividends I receive and the $2,000 monthly contribution for another 14 years before I decide to retire. My plan is to not sell any of my stocks during my retirement but only use the dividends I receive from my portfolio. I am planning to not reinvest the dividends once I reached the age of 45. 
I will be using the dividends (passive income) from my portfolio to live a comfortable life. I hope that 14 years from now (2035), my portfolio can generate a handsome amount of dividend payout in a year. This passive income I receive from my portfolio can be a source of income for me to depend on when I visit San Francisco. By that time, I hope to rely on my U.S. portfolio for a source of income to live in San Francisco without having to work. 
My Indonesia Stock Portfolio:
For my Indonesian stock portfolio, I will do the same plan, just like my U.S. portfolio. I am also managing a dividend growth portfolio for my Indonesia stock brokerage. I will continue contributing Rp10,000,000 every month from my paycheck to the brokerage account. Moreover, I am also receiving dividends from holding these stocks in my portfolio. I will use the dividends receive to be reinvested into dividend-paying stocks that can prosper in the long run.
My plan for my Indonesian stock portfolio is to be a source of income for me in Indonesia. I will not use the money from my U.S. portfolio in Indonesia. That account will be dedicated for me to use when I am visiting the United States. 
Apply New U.S. Based Brokerage Account (From Singapore): 
I have been discussing with my friend of mine, Christopher Lee Susanto, about managing a new U.S. based portfolio account. I was thinking of creating an online brokerage account from Singapore. Also, my plan was to fund him with $50,000 starting capital that I need to ask from my parents. This new capital fund will still be my parents' asset, and I will not consider it one of my own.  
Christopher Lee Susanto has been managing his personal own stock portfolio, and he has done excellent at compounding his portfolio value. His stock portfolio has performed way better than mine, and this reason made me believe he should help me manage a new fund. I think he is the right candidate to handle my new fund. From this new portfolio, we can both learn and create a tracking record for our investment career. 
I told my parents how I declined my dad's offer to buy a new car and think if I can use the money for a new portfolio fund instead. I think investing the money that was supposed to be for the vehicle is more beneficial. I don't mind driving the car I have now. 
I want Christopher to manage the portfolio fund by applying the investment skill he has. We discussed how this new portfolio can be shown to the public to let people see our tracking record performance. Also, Christopher has an online course mentorship to value investing, and I want this portfolio fund to be a public account to show people how we invest. This portfolio can be used for future preferences, such as our online course or investment partnership.
I have already done my research on what online broker is suitable for me. I need to renew my passport this year since my current passport has already expired. I need this form of identification to open the brokerage account from Singapore. I already discussed this matter with my aunt, and she will help me handle this problem. 
Health Plan in 2021: 
The plan for my health in 2021 will be to continue exercising every day (Monday-Friday). I'm planning to keep going to my local Gym near my house. I have gained weight (10kg) in 2020, and I have become weaker since the Gym is close for a long time. My weight used to be 63kg, but it is now 73kg. I am not happy about my weight gain since I have become fatter. This is affecting my self-esteem, and I feel really awful about it. 
I plan to work out for one hour, thirty minutes a day (Monday-Friday). I hope I can get fit and stay healthy. I believe that taking care of my health is more important than money. There is no point in becoming rich but have poor health. It's pointless if I am wealthy at the age of 45 but have poor health. I won't be able to enjoy the money I have saved and worked for. By becoming healthy and fit can help me have a great life when I decide to retire. Moreover, a healthy lifestyle also helps me prevent from seeing the doctor often. I am saving costs from not becoming sick often. 
I want to do many activities still when I decide to retire in 2035 (Age 45). It is always a long time from now. However, staying healthy and fit is an investment now for later in life. I will also be saving money from buying new clothes since I can stick to wearing whatever is in my closet. Going to the Gym every day is a plan that I cannot ignore.

In Summary
This article talks about my plan and goal for the year 2021. I hope that implementing the plan I have for 2021 can help me achieve financial freedom in 2035. I need to stick with the plan I mentioned above. This way, I will not lose track of achieving my goal. 
Building wealth is not something that can be done overnight. It requires dedication and discipline in managing your personal finance. I have a lot of homework that I need to do this year. Besides sticking to my financial plan, I still have to find a way to increase my primary income through my career and side businesses. 
I hope by writing this article, I can share my plan and goal to readers out there. I really enjoy writing this content because it helps me brainstorm the things I need to do. Hopefully, it can also be an inspiration for people who want to achieve the same goal. Please feel free to share your comment below of your thought about my plan for 2021. If you guys think that you have better ways to work on my 2021 new year's resolution, I will be happy to consider your opinion. Let us hope for the best that my 2021 New Year's resolution will go smoothly and according to what I have planned! 


  1. Hello! Nice plans and good ideas! Writing a book is also an important goal for me (collecting material for my story) A youtube channel is also a good idea but there is plenty of time which is not sure to pay off. That's why I'll follow you there too. Your blog posts inspire and provide a good basis for thinking about building your own portfolio. Congratulations and so on! This is how we can be successful in the future.

    1. Thanks for reading my article. I still have a lot of homework I need to do. I'll update you with anything new going on!