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Friday, November 13, 2020

Want to Learn about Stock Investing & Build Wealth: 9 Reasons Why You Should Buy My Book that I'm Soon Going to Release

I have been a dividend growth investor for quite some time already. It has been a few years since I have started the portfolio and this blog. If you readers have been following my blog, you probably know that I have done pretty well in stock investing. Through discipline saving and investing, I became a millionaire on my own (not dad's wealth) at the age of thirty. I do not acquire any debt in my life and have built my personal wealth just from living below my mean and religiously investing most of my income. Moreover, I didn't reach millionaire status because I have a high-income paying job, but from managing my personal finance really well and always investing my money in the stock market.

Because I felt I made a tremendous financial achievement at the age of thirty, I felt that I wanted to share the knowledge and information with the world. I felt that many people out there are not managing their personal finance wisely and have no plan at all for their retirement. During my free time, I wrote my own book about building wealth through dividend growth investing & creating new income streams. The book's title is called "Snowball from Zero," but this is still a prototype, and changes might be applied.

I have not finished writing the book yet, but I am currently halfway through writing. So far, I have written approximately close to fifty pages, and believe I still have many things I want to write. I have designed the book front and back cover, but I might still want to edit it. My goal is to have the book finish written by the end of 2021. Hopefully, I can finish writing and have it published at that time.

The book I'm currently working on is intended for the people out there to learn basic building wealth through dividend growth investing. Moreover, it also teaches people new ways of creating a new stream of income. I really believe that the book I plan to have published is excellent for anyone curious about building wealth and stock investing. It is great for beginners and someone who already has some understanding.
I am really confident the book I am currently working on can help people learn the things I'm already implementing in my life. Whatever I am covering in my book is the knowledge and experience I have gone through to create the personal wealth I have right now. Yes, I have received quite a large sum of starting capital from my dad from investing in the stock market; however, I believe this book can help anyone out there start building wealth starting from zero. I want to be able to help others reach the financial freedom that many dreams of. Also, there are many things that the book covers, creating new sources of alternative income. Some of these methods are things I am also currently working on in my life. It might not pay much money now; but, I will explain the potential revenue from working on these side projects.  
Once I finished writing the book, I am planning to have it publish and sold. I am not planning to price it at a high price, but at a meager and affordable price. I don't want to make a lot of money from selling this book because my real intention is for people to learn how to build wealth through stock investing. Also, I want people to know and learn about the side-projects I am working on that can potentially make me a good income aside from working in my dad's company. In this blog post, I want to explain why purchasing my book is beneficial for readers out there to learn about building wealth and stock investing. Moreover, the book also covers the things you can do to create a new stream of income. Buying my book is value for the money, and it is something you should not avoid before starting investing in the stock market.

1. Great for Beginners Who Wants to Start. 
The book I am currently working on is really great for beginners who are just starting their careers and want to build wealth. I have written the book in a really simple and straightforward way so that people can easily comprehend my book. I explain things step by step so that readers do not get lost while reading my book.  
I am optimistic that if people who take the time to read my book can learn many valuable things. This is because I have done these things in my own personal life and made me write them in this book. I was able to become a millionaire at the age of thirty through stock investing. Yes, I was indeed given starting capital to invest in the stock market from my father; however, this book can make you who have nothing actually be wealthy as well.
If you are still young and just about to start your career life, my book is really suitable for you. I explain the step by step method to build wealth through stock investing. It covers the topic of choosing and opening up an online stock brokerage account so that you can start investing. Moreover, I explain all the knowledge and experience of stock investing. This includes all the mistakes I have gone through so that readers can avoid making the same mistake as I do.
However, if you are already old, this book is still useful. I am not sure where you are exactly financially in life, but reading this book can help you become a better stock investor. You might already have some savings going on, and reading this book can help you invest your life savings carefully in the stock market using dividend growth investing. Applying this strategy can help you receive passive income (dividends) from your life savings, and this can help you retire with the life you always dream of.

2. Get a Better Understanding About Me (Hansen Bun).
In this book, I have written a lot of examples of things I have gone through in my life. I want readers to understand more about me so that they can have a clear understanding of where I am coming from. It is not just because I come from a wealthy family, but actually of the things I learn from my role model, my father. My dad was not only my father, but he is also my mentor in life. There are many valuable things I cover in this book about the things I learn from my father.
My father is now running a successful manufacturing homeappliance company that started from zero. His parents were not rich, to begin with, and passed away when my dad was in his teen. My dad, who is now in his 70s, has many experiences and knowledge in the business world. He was able to pass that knowledge to me when I was working with him. In this book I am working on, I explain many things I have learned from my father that can be beneficial for your readers.
Even when my father is not a stock investor, his knowledge made me a better stock investor and business person. I became a millionaire at the age of thirty through hard work and discipline, investing in the stock market. I firmly believe if I keep doing what I do now, I can become a multi-millionaire by myself. This is without asking my father for more capital to invest and actually use whatever I have right now.
If my father actually believes in me, I'm very optimistic that my family can reach billionaire status in the future. I know that my father has many impacts on making me be able to become a billionaire in the future; however, there are much knowledge and information I share in this book that can be valuable for readers out there. Yes, my dad had indeed accumulated the wealth he has right now that can potentially help me reach billionaire status. However, if you readers take the time actually to read the book I have written, I'm very optimistic that it can help you think differently and understand how to become wealthy.
My dad has helped my brother and me to start creating our own personal wealth with his help. Nevertheless, it is not just as simple as inheriting money to be a successful investor. If I was not knowledgeable and understand how to invest carefully, that inheritance can disappear at any given time. It does not matter if you are poor or rich now. If you do not have the mentality and knowledge of a wealthy person, you will be poor for the rest of your life. Many kids came from a wealthy family that becomes poor later on in their life. This is because they do not have the proper financial education needed to maintain and grow their wealth. In order for someone to become wealthy, they need to learn how they actually did it.
I became wealthy myself (millionaire status) at the age of thirty because I have gone through the things I did, such as living below my mean and investing religiously. Also, I have also spent many hours reading valuable books and research on the internet to become a successful investor. Even when I consider myself to be a pretty decent investor, I am always learning and studying so that I can always grow. I do not consider myself an expert yet, and I still need to do many things to become better.  
By reading this book, you guys also can learn how I did it, and this can be an inspiration and education to becoming wealthy yourself. I will also explain on side hustles you can work on to increase your income, some of which are things I am implementing myself now. I am not making much money from these projects; however, I will explain the potential revenue if I keep working on it. My financial journey towards financial independence is still very far. There are many things I need to do to reach the financial goal I want. 

3. The Book is Value for the Money. (Super Affordable Price)    
The book I am currently working on is going to be very affordable for anyone to purchase. I am not planning to price it at a high price, but at a low cost of $5 to $10 range. By paying a very small amount of money for the book, you can get the knowledge, understanding, and experience of becoming a successful stock investor. I am very optimistic that anyone out there can become an experience stock investor and, of course, wealthy by reading my book. It is really value for the money for purchasing my book. It does not cost much, and I am planning to make it this way to share knowledge and information with the world.
My intention in writing this book is not to profit from the public, but because I have a passion for investing in the stock market. I do not really care if I do not make much money from this project because I want to create value for society. Without people purchasing my book, I am already wealthy. I do not need people to buy my book to become wealthier. I want this book I am working on to be an inspiration for people out there, and it also can be an introduction to know more about me.
By reading my book, readers out there can understand the basics of becoming wealthy. For beginners they can comprehend the strategy I'm working on to building wealth. It is a great way to increase your understanding and knowledge about investing in the stock market. The book will also teach you why a stock market is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to become rich. I am very optimistic that you guys will not regret purchasing my book. Besides, the book cost very cheap! $5 to $10 on a book will not make you poor. Just treat it like a cup of the coffee purchase at Starbucks!

4. Valuable Lessons and Information about Investing in the Stock Market!
This book covers many crucial lessons and information for anyone who wants to start investing in the stock market. Please do not start investing in the stock market if you do not have the knowledge and understanding. It can result in you losing your hard-earned money! I am not trying to persuade you to purchase my book, but just make sure you increase your knowledge and understanding before doing so.
At the price of a cup of coffee from Starbuck, this book covers all the valuable information about investing in the stock market. I am sure you have $5 to $10 in your wallet right now! Furthermore, spending on my book is the best investment you can make in your life. I explain all the things for anyone who wants to invest in the stock market and create wealth. The book teaches starting from the basic to advanced lessons such as investing in the stock market to increase your income. By reading and following all the steps I have written in the book, anyone can become wealthy.
I am very confident about the things I preached in the book because I have implemented them myself in real life. I became wealthy (millionaire) at the age of thirty by doing the things I teach in this book. I will not recommend people to purchase something from me if it does not work for me in the first place. I'm not too fond of the idea of trying to profit from people by cheating them. Money is not everything in life! I want to create value for people and make sure they are getting something worth the money.

5. Teaches Create New Ways to Increase Your Income. 
The book I am working on does not just cover investing in the stock market through value investing and dividend growth investing. It also covers the topic of ways you can do to increase your income. I know many people out there are probably living paycheck to paycheck, which makes them unable to save and invest their money. This book covers topics to ways you can increase your income. It is not just focusing on the investing aspect; I want to make sure that people find new ways to increase their income.
Besides working in my dad's company that pays me the same wage since starting working for him, I am also finding new ways to increase my income. I am also going through the same issues as many people out there, such as having not enough money. In this book, I explain the things you can potentially do and increase your income. Some of the things I preach in the book are things I am also currently working on. Yes, indeed, I am not making much money from them yet; however, I believe by working on them more can be a great new source of income coming to me in the future.
If I was able to increase my potential income, I could live a better lifestyle, and at the same time, invest more of my money towards my portfolio. By creating a new source of income, I am very optimistic that I can invest more of my money, and of course, result in me having a really handsome amount of personal net worth futures ahead.

6. Teaches How to Manage Your Personal Finance.
I explain to people how they can manage their personal finance wisely in this book. In the book, I let people understand why acquiring debt is terrible and why you should get out of it as soon as possible. If you already have debt, the book teaches you how to get out of it as soon as possible. I want people to acquire no debt in their life and build wealth through the stock market in the long run.
Furthermore, the book focuses on how the wealthy manage their personal finance. I explain how they can stay wealthy and keep growing their wealth. I believe providing all this valuable information is crucial, but it is the basic fundamental for anyone who wants to build wealth. There are many useful tips and information you readers can receive from reading this book. I make sure that it covers all these important topics since they are the reasons why I am wealthy now. It is not only about investing in the stock market, but it provides information and tips to manage your personal finance wisely.

7. Learn From My Past Mistakes & Experience.
Another crucial reason you should buy my book is because of my experience and mistakes while managing my portfolio. I have included all this information while writing this book. This is important to learn because I do not want you guys to experience the same mistake as I do. Throughout my investing journey, I have made many mistakes. Because of these mistakes I made, I became more experienced and knowledgeable about investing in the stock market. By writing this book, I can share this information with you guys to prevent making the same mistake as I did.
If you can prevent mistakes as I did, it can make you into a better investor. You can potentially make more money through stock investing and reach financial freedom much faster. Providing my past mistakes and experience is an excellent way for me to teach you guys about investing in the stock market. I became the investor I am today because of the lessons learned through investing in the stock market. I didn't have a mentor to guide me through my investment journey and learn it all by myself through experience and self-study. I wish I had someone to guide me when I first started.
By purchasing and reading this book can give you readers the understanding and knowledge of things you have to prevent from making a mistake. This shows that my book is precious, and it must be taken very seriously. I am making sure that the content I have written in this book provides essential and valuable lessons for you to become a great stock investor. This is why I'm taking my time to write this book because I want my book to really help people out there be great at investing and becoming wealthy. I am not trying to sell something to people that are NOT valuable or have high-quality content. That is not my goal!

8. Motivates Me to Keep Producing New Content!   
The last reason you should purchase my book is to motivate me to keep producing new content on this niche topic. By spending a minimal amount of money on this book, you are helping and supporting me. If this book turns out to be a success and readers receive great reading value, it actually makes me really happy. I will continue to keep making new content for people out there if the things I am working on works.
What is the point of working on something that does not provide the value that it originally intended? If what I wrote in my book does not help anyone out there, there is no point for me to keep continuing working on this project. My intention is not to make a profit from the public, but I want to create value for you guys! Moreover, I want to prove to my parents that I can create something valuable for me and society. If I can prove to them the things I am working on turns out excellent, they will be thrilled and proud of me.
By simply purchasing the book and learn something valuable makes me really happy. That is worth more than the money itself. I really want to help people become great at managing their personal finance and become wealthy through stock investing. If this book turns out to be a success, I will keep producing new content for the people out there. It makes me more motivated to keep working on my passion as a financial mentor. I want to achieve something in my life (my passion) besides taking over my dad's business.
I believe I have a high interest and passion for managing personal finance and stock investing. Moreover, anything that is related to career and business advancement is things I really enjoy discussing. Thus, it made me realize that being able to become a financial mentor is a great career suitable for me. I really enjoy and have much fun helping others to achieve financial independence. It makes me more motivated to work my financial goal towards the financial freedom I always dream of.
Helping others with financial advice and investment lessons is something valuable I can offer to the world. I believe that by helping others, I am helping them and helping myself become a great businessman and investor. If I can help someone reach the financial freedom they always dream of, I can claim myself to be successful as a mentor. It is not about enriching myself, but I want to help others to become wealthy as well. I want to share the knowledge, information, and experience with the world so that people will never have to worry about their personal finance ever again.

9. Might Include Free Online Courses and Mentorship.
I am thinking of including a free course and mentorship to stock investing and managing personal finance. I cannot promise about including this offer yet; however, I am trying to discuss it with my close friend of mine, Chris Lee Susanto. He is also a value investor, blogger, and mentor who manages his own personal stock portfolio. Because I have a close relationship with him and have a plan of working together, I want to see if he can include a trial to his online courses and mentorship on value investing.
If I can include this offer for anyone purchasing my book, I can help buyers receive the guide and mentorship from Chris Lee Susanto. He has excellent knowledge and experience when it comes to stock investing using the value investing method. I have experience the online course he teaches, and I have learned a lot from him. Even when I am quite knowledgeable about investing in the stock market, I sometimes still ask for his opinion and advice. Without him, I probably had made more investment mistakes that could cause me to lose more of my money. I want to include this offer so that people can receive great value for purchasing my book.
So if there are people who have tons of questions after reading my book, they can simply ask a trustable value investing mentor to help them guide to the right track. As I said before, I am not just trying to profit from buyers out there, but to help them become a better investor and build wealth for their financial freedom. When my followers become successful, it means that I have succeeded as a teacher. I want to make sure the small amount of money ($5 to $10 range) you are paying for my book is a great purchase that you guys will never regret buying!

Bottom Line
I hope this blog post I have written can explain why you should purchase the book I will release soon. I have not finished writing the book yet; however, I am already halfway writing it. Please consider reading the book before starting to invest your hard-earned money in the stock market. I am confident that you can become a great stock investor and become wealthy by reading my book. Moreover, you will learn the knowledge and experience I have gone through as a stock investor. There are many valuable and priceless tips so that you can avoid making losses in your investment, and of course, build wealth and reach the financial freedom you always dream of.
If you are interested in purchasing my book, please let me know by contacting me via email: hansenbun@gmail.com or simply DM me on Instagram (@hansen_bun). I want to learn the market demand for my book and see if many people are interested in trying it out. As for pricing, I am planning to price it at around $5 to $10 only. I do not want to make much money because I intend to provide value for readers. I will be more than happy for people taking their time to read what I have written. It means a lot to me, and it will motivate me to keep working on my passion for teaching people about personal finance and investing. I want to become the best financial mentor who provides the help that people needed to reach the goal.
In the meantime, I will continue writing my book when I have the available time to do so. I will update the release through this blog and social media. Also, if anyone out there has any questions or ideas about me releasing my book, "Snowball from Zero," feel free to contact me. I am always open to new ideas that can be useful for publishing my own book.
I have no idea when I will finish writing the book since there are still many things I want to put in the book. I want to make sure the book I want to publish offers valuable information and high in quality. I hope I can get it done by the end of 2021. So please be patient, and I will inform you guys when it is released!

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