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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Recent Stock Purchase [Pfizer Inc. (PFE)]: I’m Adding More Shares of this Company

The stock market has rallied after the presidential election between Trump and Biden. My portfolio holdings have increased by quite a fair amount. Today, November 11, 2020, I decided to monitor and analyze my portfolio during my free time. I was reading an article content made by 
Chris Lee Susanto about his investment holding. I realized he is betting quite a large amount of his money in Pfizer Inc. (Ticker: PFE).
After analyzing Chris Lee’s portfolio, I decided to sell some of my winners from my portfolio. I wanted to purchase more of Pfizer Inc. shares because I feel really confident about this investment. Because I needed more capital to invest, I decided to let go of some of my Buckle Inc. (Ticker: BKE) position from my portfolio. 
With the money I receive from selling the stock, I decided to purchase more of Pfizer Inc. (Ticker: PFE) company share. I have spent some time analyzing this investment decision since I am betting more of my money into Pfizer Inc. stock. If you want to understand why Pfizer Inc. is a great investment, I have written an article about it in this blog.
As a host of this blog, I want my readers and followers to be informed of whatever decision I am making. I hope this article can be useful for you guys. This post is to announce my recent transaction for readers out there to be informed. I am going to give my reasoning as to why I am doing it.
What was the Recent Transaction?
As of November 11, 2020, I have decided to sell the majority of my Buckle Inc. (Ticker: BKE) position from my portfolio. I have made a good return from making this investment and believe I should profit from it now. In exchange for that sell, I decided to add more shares of Pfizer Inc. (Ticker: PFE) into my holding. In total, I sold a total of 900 shares of Buckle Inc. at a price range of $30. This let me have a new capital close to $28,000.
With the money in my brokerage account, I decided to purchase 750 new shares of Pfizer Inc. (Ticker: PFE) at $38.70. This is making a total of $29,000 more of my money invested in Pfizer Inc. I have invested in Pfizer Inc. before already and have invested a lot of my money into it. With my recent purchase of Pfizer Inc.’s stock, I have a total of 3,870 shares of Pfizer Inc. (Ticker: PFE) stock.
This makes Pfizer Inc. stock a top holding in my portfolio. It is currently about close to 18% of my portfolio value at the current moment (November 11, 2020) and has a market value close to $150,000. This is not a small amount of money invested in one stock. However, I believe by making this investment decision, I can somehow perform better in my portfolio.

Why did I do it?
After the presidential election between Trump vs. Biden, the stock market has rallied. My portfolio value has risen by a good amount, making it have a market value of $835,000. I am quite satisfied with how my portfolio has performed and feel I should allocate some capital of my winners to Pfizer Inc. (Ticker: PFE).
The reason why I am doing this is that I have a high conviction in Pfizer Inc. (Ticker: PFE) stock. I had bought a large sum of shares in it before, and it has been trading around the same price I purchased at the current moment. Because of my strong belief in this company, I decided to buy more shares of Pfizer Inc. in my portfolio. I have recently written an article about this company; you can click on the link to read it. Please take a look at that article if you want to understand my reasoning why I want to buy more shares of Pfizer Inc. into my portfolio.
At the current price of $37-38, Pfizer Inc. is trading at right now (November 11, 2020) is still a great buy. I like the dividends the company is yielding and can be a great source of passive income (dividends). I hope the company will find the vaccine to cure the Covid-19 sickness. The discovery of the vaccine can cause the stock to increase in value. However, even if the company fails to do so. I am already satisfied with the current valuation and fundamentals the company has to offer. The company pays dividends, and because I am a dividend growth investor, I like this passive income to be used to purchase more dividend-paying stocks in the value territory.

What Should You Do?
For those readers and followers of this blog, please do your own diligent research before investing if you are interested in my recent transaction. I cannot guarantee that this stock can make you a lot of money; however, I do like owning this company in my portfolio.
If you are an investor looking for dividends, Pfizer Inc. can be a great purchase. Moreover, if you are interested in learning more about this company, you can contact Chris Lee Susanto, who is a value investing mentor and a blogger. If you have no idea who he is, he is a close friend of mine that I met a few years back. He was the reason why I was interested in investing in this company since he also holds this position in his portfolio.
If you are keen to learn more about stock investing using the value investing method, you should check out his blog and website. He offers an online course and mentorship to stock investing. I am also a current student of his, and I am delighted with his service. He is brilliant when it comes to stock investing and have many experiences as an investor. Also, he is very calm and patient when teaching his students. I highly recommend for people out there interested in learning about stock investing using the service Chris Lee Susanto offers.

In Summary
I hope that writing this post in my blog can let readers and followers know what I did recently. I decided to sell the majority of Buckle Inc. shares in order to buy more of Pfizer Inc. (Ticker: PFE) shares. I cannot guarantee that this decision will result in me to perform better; however, I believe I am making the right choice.
If you want to be updated with how my portfolio is doing, this blog has a live spreadsheet of my portfolio that you guys can come and check. I’m pretty happy about the performance of my stock portfolio. As of November 11, 2020, my portfolio account value is at $835,000. I hope it can reach the $1,000,000 mark. Keep checking my blog out to stay updated!

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