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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

I Am Working as a Property Sales Agent

I am now working as a property sales agent in my friend's property agent company, 
Prop2Go. My friend, Stanley Yap, is the founder of the company. The business is operating in Jakarta, Indonesia, and it has been running for quite some time already. I know that this blog is based on the international market; however, working as a property agent has a niche related to this blog.
As a property agent, I am required to get my name out there so that the public know that I am a property agent. I want to become a successful property agent in this company, and hopefully, I can gain some valuable lessons from this. This article will explain why I decided to become a property agent and my strategy of becoming one. This article's primary purpose is to broadcast to the public about my new job position as a property agent. 

Learning About the Indonesian Property Market.
The first reason why I want to become a property agent in my friend's company is that I want to learn about the Indonesian property market. By learning and understanding Indonesia's property market, I can one day use it to my advantage. For example, if I know specific properties selling below the intrinsic value, I can use this moment to purchase them as an investment.
I think it's very strategic to be updated with the price of the property market continually. This way, I am always informed and updated about the property market condition. Also, I always wanted to become a property investor in the future. I know I don't have that kind of money to invest now, but I can learn how to pick suitable properties as an investment as an agent. Hopefully, from the skills and knowledge, I'm going to learn, I can be a great property investor in the future.

Potential Investment Opportunity
As a property agent, I might persuade my father to purchase it as an investment if I encounter a great deal. My father is not looking for property investment at the moment. He believes that the property market will still be stagnant for quite some time due to Covid-19 Pandemic. I know the property market is not doing well in the current situation, but I can be informed as a property agent if any potential deals show up. I know that my father doesn't guarantee to purchase a property from me; however, this can always change.
By becoming a property agent, I can always be informed of the property market situation. It's a great idea to stay updated with prices on properties. This way, I can still know the prices a property goes for and notice any mispricing.

Teach My Experience in this Blog as a Property Agent. 
As a property agent, I will be learning new skills and experiences. With this, I can share my knowledge and expertise with readers in this blog. I am still getting my training to becoming a property agent every Friday. I will be sharing what I learned and experience as a property agent in this blog. Sharing this information in this blog will help readers understand how you can become a property agent and possibly a property investor.

Make Extra Side Income.
I am also working as a property agent now because I want to make some extra income on the side. I will not expect too much from this because my main focus is not to make a large sum amount of money as a property agent. Yes, it will be great to make a good income from doing this, but my main goal is to learn and experience this path.

This new side job can be a potential for me to network with new people. I can make new friends who can potentially be my partner in new business ventures. I like making new friends who have the same goal as me. In Prop2Go Indonesia, many property agents are also building their career paths. Making friends with these people can help me reach my career goal.

I hope this article can inform you, readers of this blog, to understand why I decided to become a property agent in Prop2Go Indonesia. My primary purpose in writing this article is to broadcast my announcement that I am now officially a property agent in Prop2Go Indonesia. If you are based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and looking for a property to buy or sell, please contact me anytime. You can DM me on Instagram (@Hansen_Bun) if you have any questions you want to ask me directly. I will do my best to assists you and give you the best service I possibly can offer.


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