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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

My New Bedroom Workstation - 'The Famous Table'

People that have been reading my blog know that I am setting up a workstation in my bedroom. I really need this workstation for my bedroom since I want to be more productive during the nighttime. I believe having the convenience of working in my bedroom will help me be more hard-working. Before, I could not do any work when I was just hanging out in my bedroom nighttime. I'm too lazy to go to the office since I don't want to dress up. Unlike having a workstation in my bedroom, I can keep working even when I only wear my underpants.
The table I have set up uses the classical theme design. Personally, I prefer minimalist design more. However, because my parents' house is a classical design, I have to match it with that theme. Also, this table compares the theme of my other furniture in my bedroom. All of the furniture in my bedroom looks uniform and matches each other. I have been waiting for this workstation for a very long time due to Covid-19 Pandemic. However, I was finally able to persuade my parents to make one.
I know this topic is not related to investment or personal finance, but because this is the work setup that I will use to build my career life and my journey to financial freedom, I will talk about it. After all, this workstation is called "The Famous Table" for a reason. This article will share all the equipment and gadgets that I use to set up my workstation. I hope this can be an inspiration for readers interested in setting up a workstation.
The Desk 'The Famous Table'
I have my desk to be custom-made by a contractor that my mom introduces me to. I have been waiting for it to be completed made for a very long time. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, my parents didn't allow me to make my desk for a very long time. However, I later convinced my parents that I wanted to meet the contractor to instruct the table's specifications.
I got a really great price for it that cost me Rp5,000,000 ($350 USD). This is considered a great bargain since a desk in Ikea can cost around that price. But you have to bear in mind that desks from Ikea are usually poor quality for their materials. The desk that I custom-made is made from solid wood. Moreover, my desk comes with a lot of accessories and essential details that I inquired about. For example, I ordered the contractor to install the desk with LED lighting below and behind the table. This comes with an on & off switch under the table that allows me to switch the lights. The LED lighting is crucial since I want my desk to give an ambient look.
I also have been instructing to have the desk drawer come with a watch organizer for my watch collections. I can keep up to 16 watches inside the desk drawer. I have posted a picture of my watch collection below.

Also, the desk comes with a space for my belts. I can place up to 8 belts inside the drawer. As you can see, this custom-made desk comes with many features that are essential to me. If I were to get a desk from Ikea, I probably wouldn't have these features like the desk I got. In addition, the desk from Ikea won't be uniform with the furniture in my bedroom. Because I have the desk custom-made, I let the contractor know that I want the table's design and theme to be the same as my other furniture in my bedroom. I was able to have the design of the table match with other furniture in my bedroom. This reason allows my bedroom furniture to look uniform and matching. Trust me; I am very OCD when it comes to having my bedroom interior design uniform.

The Chair
The chair I got for my workstation cost me about Rp3,000,000 ($210 USD). I got this chair from a local furniture store called Informa. This store is very popular in Indonesia and is considered to be like the Ikea of Indonesia.
I really love the chair I purchased. It's really comfortable and relaxing for me to sit on. I can lie back on the chair when I am temporarily resting. This is really great since I can lie back when I am working on my desk. Also, I can lie back to relax while watching the TV in my bedroom.

The Gadgets
I have purchased a lot of gadgets for my workstation, and I spent quite a lot on them, but this will be a one-time purchase that is required. I spend quite a lot of money on these electronic goods, but I treat it as a necessary business expense.
Below, I am going to list all the things I purchased for my workstation. I have also placed a link on the product lists to simply just click if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself. The price for these items can be different from the price I paid. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, and electronic goods can be more expensive than in the United States. After all, these goods are considered to be a luxury in my country.
Laptop: Dell XPS 15
My awesome brother purchased a laptop for me as a gift in 2018. This laptop is considered to be a premium item in Indonesia and is not commonly sold. My brother bought this for me since he knows I need a laptop when I am working on mobile. I didn't utilize this laptop for a very long time. Because of this reason, I decided to use my laptop as my PC for my workstation. I don't have to purchase another computer for my workstation since I can use the laptop that I already have and hook it up to my monitor. 
This laptop comes with a decent graphic card that allows me to play some light PC games. Most importantly, the graphic card is enough to work on Video Editing Software or Adobe Photoshop. I am really thankful to my brother, who had purchased this for me. It's too bad that I didn't utilize the laptop for an extended period (Since 2018). However, I am now able to start using this laptop for my workstation in my bedroom. I'm fortunate that I don't have to spend additional money on my workstation. If I have to buy a computer for my workstation, I will pay an extra Rp10,000,000 ($750 USD) for one.

Monitor: Dell 34" U3419W
For my monitor, I choose the Dell 34" U3419W. This monitor cost me about Rp12,000,000 ($835 USD) in Indonesia. I know this is quite expensive, and it's probably cheaper in the United States, but I want to match my monitor to my Dell XPS15 Laptop. 
The thing I like about this monitor is because it comes with a USB-C port. With USB-C connectivity, I can connect my laptop to the monitor and charge up to 90W from a single source, protected by Dell's built-in surge protection. Moreover, I really like the wide display of this monitor. Since it's 34", I can run many programs on my monitor. This monitor has the same function as having two monitors combine. This is really important for me since I'm using this PC setup for work purposes. I'm able to multi-task using this monitor for work. 
I also like the fact this monitor is widescreen. Playing some light video games on this 34 inches monitor is really fun. When I feel like relaxing, I can always use this monitor to play some video games. Moreover, I can also watch videos in cinematic view, and it's almost like watching videos on a television set.

Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro (wireless)
I bought the Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro for my keyboard choice. I spent about Rp3,200,000 ($225 USD) for this keyboard. This keyboard is tough to find in Indonesian electronic stores. I have to purchase this on the internet from someone who bought it from another country. The thing I like about this keyboard a lot is the wireless functionality. Many gaming keyboards are still wired, and this is really annoying for me. I don't like having too many cables showing up in my workstation since I like to make my setup as minimalist as possible. 
This wireless mechanical gaming keyboard comes armed with the most advanced wireless technology for low-latency gaming and hyper-responsive inputs—made possible through an optimized data protocol, ultra-fast radio frequency, and seamless frequency switching in the noisiest, data-saturated environments. This is really important to me because I don't want to keep charging my keyboard all the time. I have been using this keyboard for a while now, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a wireless gaming keyboard. 
In addition, this keyboard comes with a Chroma RGB lighting effect. I can personalize this RGB gaming keyboard with over 16.8 million colors and a suit of effect I want to choose from. The RGB lighting is another essential thing for me since I like a setup with ambient lighting, and it makes the design of my workstation looks luxurious and classy when I have a lighting effect. What makes me happier about this mouse is that it comes with 14 customizable Razer Chroma lighting zones, and I can customize its lighting effect.

Mouse: Razer Basilisk Ultimate with Charging Dock
I bought the Razer Basilisk Ultimate with Charging Dock for my choice of a mouse. I like this mouse a lot because it comes with wireless capability, and this helps me prevent having more cables around my desk. In addition, this is a gaming mouse that comes with features to help gamers achieve the gaming performance they need. 
This Razer mouse comes with hyper-speed wireless technology, and it is 25% faster than any other wireless technology available. I won't even realize that I'm gaming with a wireless mouse due to its high-speed transmission, lowest click latency, and seamless frequency switching. Moreover, it comes with 11 programmable buttons, so I can arsenal commands at my fingertips.

Mouse Pad: World Map Mouse Pad with RGB Lighting
I didn't get a gaming mouse pad from Razer since I could find a good quality gaming mouse pad on the internet. I bought this gaming mouse pad that comes with RGB lighting as well from the local online shop. It cost me about Rp130,000 ($9.00 USD) for this mouse pad. Something similar to this from the Razer official store can cost me about Rp1,000,000 ($70 USD), which is why I don't want to buy one from them.
The mouse pad I purchased is 40cm x 90cm in measurement. This is really huge, and it takes up a lot of space from my desk. I like the fact that the mouse pad is enormous in size. This allows me to use my mouse from any angle on the mouse pad. Also, the mouse pad has an image of the world map on it. I think this is really cool looking and like the design it comes with.

Speaker: Razer Nommo Pro
Besides my monitor, I think the speaker is another expensive purchase I made for my workstation. This speaker from Razer cost retail for about Rp12,000,000 ($835 USD). I didn't buy a brand new one but managed to purchase the same brand and model of pre-owned speaker. I bought it for about Rp6,200,000 ($440 USD), which is much cheaper than a brand new one. 
I'm satisfied with this purchase. The Razer Nommo Pro is fitted with premium components like 3-inch drivers coated with Dupont™ Kevlar® fiber drivers and silk woven tweeters, then tuned by dedicated engineers at THX to bring out the speakers' full potential. All this enables me to hear the full range—big clean audio perfect for all my entertainment. 
The speaker set also comes with a dedicated subwoofer. With the Razer Nommo Pro's downward-firing subwoofer, I get powerful, unrestricted bass for desk-shaking, room-thumping low-end sound on tap. Turn it up when blasting my favorite electro hits, or take it down a notch for late-night gaming. I like the fact that I have a good sound system when it comes to audio equipment. I usually like to listen to songs when working on a project on my computer, which is why I purchase an expensive audio system for my setup. I also like that this speaker is a Razer brand, which allows me to match it with all my other Razer products, such as my mouse and keyboard.
The design on the Razer speakers looks very slick and minimalist. When you take a look at the design, it feels very premium and unique. It was not easy for me to find this speaker in Indonesia, and I wasn't able to find this speaker set in the official Razer store in Indonesia. I had to look for one on the internet, and I was lucky enough to find someone selling it. Of course, I couldn't get the same $599.99 USD MSRP price from the Razer official store. I have to pay a little extra since this speaker is quite unique in Indonesia.

Web Camera: Logitech Brio
I bought the Logitech Brio for Rp 3,000,000 ($270 USD) online for my web camera. I bought this used and was able to save some money from buying a new one. Logitech Brio is the best and most advanced business webcam. Packed with innovative technologies, Brio raises the bar for ultra 4K HD video collaboration excellence. I need a high-quality web camera for making YouTube video content since I want something that can help me produce high-quality videos.
Microphone: Fifine K670B 
For my microphone, I bought Fifine K670B from tokopedia.com. The microphone cost me about Rp700,000 ($50 USD), and the quality of sound it produces is excellent, in my opinion. I'm not an expert on microphones, but I believe this one is enough for me to make YouTube videos content.

LED RGB Light Strip
This LED RGB light strip is something very essential to the design of my workstation. It doesn't cost me much to purchase, but this lighting effect is the reason why my workstation looks classy and luxurious. I installed this LED RGB light strip behind my Dell 34" monitor and hooked it to the monitor's USB port. I placed a picture below for readers to see the lighting effect on my workstation's design. 

Ikea Tertial Work Lamp (Dark Grey) 
I bought this Ikea work lamp because the stand is attached to my desk, and I can save space on my desk. Moreover, this work lamp has a great price. I bought it for Rp 180,000 ($12.50 USD), a really great price for a work lamp. It doesn't cost much money plus it looks elegant on my workstation. The color that comes with it is dark grey. It matches with the gadgets around my table.

Ikea Signum (Cable Trunking Horizontal)
This is another critical accessory when setting my workstation. Because I want to make my workstation as minimalist as possible, I use this product to hide the cables on the floor. All my cables that are hooked up to my laptop and monitor are hidden under the Ikea Signum. I hate it when the wires are visible to the eye, making the workstation look messy and unprofessional. The Ikea Signum cost is about Rp185,000 ($12.50 USD), and it helps a lot in making my workstation tidy and looks organized.

Microphone Stand
I bought a microphone stand for tokopedia.com for about Rp 50,000 ($3.50 USD) to connect my microphone to the stand. The stand is sturdy and strong, and the price I bought it at is worth it.

USB Hub 7 Port 3.0
I bought this USB hub for about Rp85,000 ($6.00 USD), and it does its job. I have many gadgets connected to my computer. I connect this hub to the USB port in my monitor and connect all my other devices such as speaker, keyboard, mouse, microphone, web camera to the USB hub. I used double tape to stick the USB hub behind my monitor. 

Double Tape
Double Tape is something I use to paste my RGB LED Strip behind my monitor. It doesn't cost much, but you want to make sure you get a strong one. If you use a cheap and lousy one, it won't take long for it to come off. I also use the double Tape for cable management behind my table. This is so I can have my cables to be neatly organized. I pasted the wires behind my table in a straight line.

Spiral Wire Wrap
The spiral wire wrap is used for my cables to be organized. Using this allows me to have all the wires behind the monitor to be neatly wrapped together. It helps me to have all the cables behind the monitor to be tied together and organized. It doesn't cost much to purchase the spiral wire wrap, and it probably cost me less than Rp100,000 ($7.50 USD) for a pack of one. I still have extra spiral wire wrap for me to use in the future.

I have placed some plants decoration on top of my desk. I bought them from Ikea and Informa. Having some decorations on top of my table makes my workstation look more comfortable in the eye. I didn't spend much on them, and they only cost me about Rp200,000 ($14 USD) in total. In addition, I also placed a lucky cat figuring near my monitor. I got these lucky cats figuring from a good friend of mine, Witra Budiman. I really like this lucky cat figurine because I personally like cats myself. I think the figuring cats I have on the desk look cute and funny. It also helps my workstation to look more alive and exciting. It will look too dull if my workstation doesn't have any display decoration.

Total Purchase Cost
I spent a total of approximately close to Rp37,000,000 ($2625 USD) on my workstation. It's a lot of money for a workstation, but I'm delighted with the purchase. I didn't take a bank loan or use debt, and I used the money I saved up every month during 2020. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I saved a lot of money since I didn't go out much. I think this purchase is a significant investment, and I didn't regret it a single bit. I really need this workstation to work during the night when I'm in my bedroom, and it's really inconvenient for me to have to walk all the way to my downstairs office just to do some work.
The Desk 'The Famous Table':  Rp5,000,000
The Chair: Rp3,000,000
Laptop 'Dell XPS 15': Free (a gift from my awesome brother!)
Monitor' Dell 34" U3419W': Rp12,000,000
Keyboard ‘Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro (wireless)’: Rp3,200,000 ($225 USD)
Mouse ‘Razer Basilisk Ultimate with Charging Dock’: Rp2,500,000 ($175 USD)
Mouse Pad ‘World Map Mouse Pad with RGB Lighting’: Rp130,000 ($9.00 USD)
Speaker ‘Razer Nommo Pro’: Rp12,000,000 ($835 USD)
Web Camera ‘Logitech Brio’: Rp3,000,000 ($275 USD)
Microphone ‘Fifine K670B’ : Rp700,000
Microphone Stand: Rp50,000
USB Hub 7 Port 3.0: Rp85,000
LED RGB Light Strip: Rp50,000
Ikea Tertial Work Lamp (Dark Grey): Rp180,000 
Ikea Signum (Cable Trunking Horizontal): Rp185,000
Double Tape: Rp100,000
Spiral Wire Wrap: Rp100,000
Plant Decoration: Rp200,000 ($14 USD)
Thanks for checking this article out. I hope this article can inspire you guys out there who also want to set up a workstation. I have invested a lot of my time doing research to purchase the right products for my workstation. Moreover, I have also waited for it for a long time, but I finally set it up in my bedroom. I usually have interesting and creative thoughts when I'm just lying on my bed. Because my workstation is located in my bedroom now, I don't have to go too far from my bed when I want to have some work done. This workstation will definitely help me increase my productivity towards my career life.
Because I think my workstation is attractive, I will create a YouTube video about a room tour of my bedroom. It's going to be my first YouTube video. Because I'm still learning video editing, I am going to use this topic for my first video. This will let me try trial and error-making video content.
I hope this workstation will help me be more productive when I am chilling in my bedroom during the night time. This will be the beginning of me building my career and making some extra money! Let me know what you guys think about my workstation setup. Let me know if there are more things I can add. So, please leave a comment below in the comment section!

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