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Saturday, February 5, 2022

My View on Relationship, Family, & Wealth

This article is very random. It's more of my personal life, but it might be an important lesson for others. My first love was with my first girlfriend that occurs in the United States when I was still studying abroad. The relationship happened from 2010 to 2012. However, sadly the relationship failed. And since the breakup, I have been single for almost 10 years till now.
The reason why the relationship fell apart was that I was not strong enough mentally and financially. I was still depending on my parents, and I was confused about my own identity. I was traumatized from my first relationship, which resulted in me being very picky when it comes to choosing the partner in my life. I don't want to make the same mistake again. Going through a breakup is really harsh; it almost made me go insane.
I met a lot of girls after my breakup; however, I never had chemistry with them. I am always looking for the one to be my soul mate. Furthermore, I was very strict with my personal finance, making it harder to make the spark. It is a turn-off when you are frugal towards someone you like. I know readers who had been following my blog understand my ambition to be financially independent. However, readers would probably understand more after finishing reading this article. In this blog post, I'm going to talk about the reason why I'm still single. Moreover, I will talk about my secret crush and why I am so obsessed with becoming financially independent.

Even the Strongest Roman Empire Eventually Fall.
I know that I can be wealthy in the future. However, money doesn't solve everything. I watched this movie, "All the Money in the World," based on a true story. It's about this wealthy person called Jean Paul Getty, and how his grandson was kidnapped. Jean-Paul Getty (December 15, 1892 – June 6, 1976) was an American-born British petroleum industrialist and the patriarch of the Getty family. He started the Getty Oil Company in 1942. Sadly, despite being the wealthiest man in the world, he was so frugal that he didn't want to pay the ransom money for his kidnapped grandson. The movie portrays Jean Paul Getty to be the bad guy since he is so stingy with his wealth. However, I did more research about the history of his personal life.

He had five children and divorced five times. He was so obsessed with his wealth and fortune that he forgot the real meaning of life. His grandson, that was kidnapped, was no angel at the time of his kidnapping. He made a lot of bad decisions as a teenage boy. After his kidnapped incident, he became a drug addict. Due to his drug troubles, he had a stroke that left him paralyzed. He eventually passed away at age 54.

Before watching this movie, I had the same mind as Jean Paul Getty. I wanted to be wealthy to get anything I wanted in life. However, after watching this movie, it opens my eyes that money is not everything. The movie got me thinking more profoundly and more analytical. Yes, I indeed want to be wealthy in life; however, I want to have a sense of love and a happy family. This is why I'm so picky about choosing the partner I want in my life. I don't want to choose the wrong life partner to jeopardize what my father has already built for my brother and me.
I believe Paul Getty went through an issue with his family affair and his grandson ended up getting kidnapped due to moral issues and his perception of money. If he had raised his family with good moral values, he probably wouldn't be the way he was. 

Getting married and raising a family is not a simple task. Money indeed comes as an essential role in supporting your family; however, if you raise a family without moral and ethical values, you probably will end up miserable. I don't want to raise a family that spoils my kids and grandchildren. What's the point of having all the money when your loved ones end up choosing the wrong path in life? Leaving your family with wealth and inheritance doesn't guarantee they will be successful in life. And what does it mean to have all the money in the world but see your loved one ruining their life? This is why I mention that even the strongest Roman Empire eventually falls.
I see Jean-Paul Getty wanted to build an empire so that his grandchildren could continue his legacy; however, this is not actually practical. Your children or grandchildren probably have a different view of the world from you. I think this is why Warren Buffett believes that his wealth should go back to society and leave only some for his children.
I want to leave a good name for my family when I pass away, not just wealth alone. I'm not saying that I will donate all my personal wealth towards society if I pass away like what Warren Buffett pledged to do. But I probably believe giving back 50% of what I have back to society is benevolent.
This is the reason why I'm very picky when choosing the life partner I want in my life. I want a soul mate with the same interest and views as me. I consider myself to be a business person and an entrepreneur. However, I never meet any girl with the same interest as me. I don't want to be in a relationship if we don't have the same common goal. I don't want to make the same mistake as Jean Paul Getty.
Choosing the right life partner in life is crucial for the family you want to build. It requires both married couples to work together raising a child. Money is essential to support a family; however, teaching your children the correct moral and ethical values is also a crucial role. I want my children to become successful people in life who can create their own wealth; however, I want to make sure they have the right moral and ethical values as well.

My Online Secret Crush.
Because I have difficulty looking for the girl I want in my life. This results in me looking for the kind of girl I want on the internet. And the funny part, I actually found her. This is quite funny because after understanding more about her personal life on the internet, I actually fall in love with this person. I'm not going to mention her real name, but I will give her a nickname, the Chinese Phoenix.
I had never met or talked to her before. She comes from a wealthy family, probably wealthier than mine. I'm not attracted to her because of her family's wealth. I just never have seen a girl like her before. She is intelligent, pretty, and has high-quality value.
Moreover, she is also shorter than me, which is a must because I'm short myself. I don't want to have a girl that's taller than me. It makes me feel like a little kid. However, what makes her unique is that she is an entrepreneur, just like her father.
I never got the chance to chat with her or meet her before. I did send her some messages through Instagram, but she never replied. She actually blocked my IG account, resulting in me using my other Instagram account to stalk her. I'm really confused about how I can get the chance to meet her. Maybe this sounds creepy to some; however, I'm not giving up on getting to know her. I met a lot of girls in a dating app, but I only want this special girl in my life. I believe she is the one that can help me achieve the dream and goal I want in life.

The Real Reason Why I'm so obsessed with Building My own Personal Wealth.
I know readers who have been reading my blog know that I love building wealth. Well, I will explain why I'm so devoted to doing this. I know that getting the dream girl I want in my life requires a lot of hard work and dedication. A girl like that has tons of requirements and expectations. This is why I am always trying to go above and beyond when it comes to my personal finance. I don't want to depend on my parents for money. I want to make sure I can support her lifestyle using my own money. In addition, I don't want to make the same mistake, just like my first relationship with my ex-girlfriend. I know you readers probably think I'm crazy or insane; however, I am doing whatever I can to get her attention. Maybe I'm not wealthy, famous, or good enough for her to ignore my message on Instagram.
I know I can't force someone to fall in love with me. However, I believe I can improve the odds if I can be successful and wealthy myself without relying on my parents. Maybe this way, she probably notices me, and then perhaps I can get the chance to get to know her more. I'm not going to give up. Maybe I'm delusional, and some of you guys probably think I'm a creep. However, perhaps this definition of True Love.

What if I don't get the Phoenix?
So what if I don't get this dream of a girl of mine into my life? I think it is more practical for me to stay single for life. Like I said before, raising a family requires both partners to cooperate. This means having both couples have the same view and goal. And I never see this with other girls I met. What's the point of becoming wealthy but having a ruined family? I rather stay single for life and enjoy the wealth I already build personally. And I really meant it when I said this.
Even if my father doesn't let me inherit his wealth when he passes away, I will still be fine financially. I know I will still become wealthy and have a good life with whatever I have right now personally. I believe the starting capital of $350,000 USD given to me is already enough. And truthfully, I am actually grateful for his generosity.

Blood is thicker than water!
The other reason I want to be financially independent is that I don't want to fight with my older brother over money issues. I had heard many stories about wealthy families fighting over wealth when the father passed away. That's NOT what family is for. My older brother, Peter Bun, is someone special to me, and nothing can separate us. He is intelligent and the one that taught me about value investing when I first started. Without him in my life, I won't be the person I am today. He is someone I have had a lot of respect for since young. I won't betray my own brother over wealth and status. I just want to make sure that my father's empire goes in the right direction.
The decision to take over the family business is for my father to make. I want my dad to make his own decision about what he wants to do with his wealth. It's his wealth that he built since he was young and not mine, so of course, he gets the privilege to do whatever he wants with the money. I believe my father has been fair towards my brother and me. We were given the same equal financial opportunities. I know my brother, and I have decided to split the investment portfolio in 2015. This is because I want to be independent and create my own path. However, I'm going to respect my older brother no matter what. It doesn't matter if I am more successful financially than him in the future. As his younger brother, I have a fiduciary responsibility to protect and respect him no matter what. That's what brothers are for! You can't put a price on Loyalty.
As a matter of fact, I actually want my older brother to be the successor to the family's business. If my brother can make the family business more successful, I would be more delighted. Like I said before, even the strongest Roman Empire will eventually fall. All material and wealth will be left behind when you pass away. I just want to make sure my father's last name will be remembered as a righteous family and not make the same mistake as Jean-Paul Getty did.

I know this is a random blog post, but I just want to share my view on relationships, family, and wealth. After learning about Jean Paul Getty's life, I decided that I would only settle with the dream girl I mentioned in this article. If I don't get her in my life, I will stay single for life. And I really mean it. I don't mind being single for life other than having a failed married life and a ruined family. I know I will be financially independent no matter what and can have the freedom to make my own personal decision in life.
So what do you guys think about me being single? Do you guys have an opinion of what I should do to get with my dream girl? I hope this article can be an essential lesson to readers out there. Money is necessary; however, it's NOT everything. There are other essential things to life, such as moral and ethical values. I'm not going to betray or get into a fight with my own family member over money. And this is the reason why I'm so obsessed with becoming wealthy myself.

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