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Friday, October 30, 2020

The Rise of Fake Gurus and the Trap People Fall Into

We all want to be rich, get a fancy sports car, and live in a luxury mansion. It is on everyone's wish list in their life. However, most of us do not come from a wealthy family or have a high paying job. We are stuck in a job that we probably dislike and suffering from an endless nine-to-five rat race. Because of wanting to find a solution to becoming wealthy, we often lured to an advertisement video content of how some gurus became wealthy. I am sure you have seen them before. It is usually someone telling you how they can transform your life through their so-called 'secret' business opportunity or the 10-step mastermind course. You will usually see these gurus driving that nice sports car or the mansion they live in.

I encounter these video ads when I am browsing videos on YouTube or scrolling through my Instagram App on my iPhone. As someone who also wants to achieve financial freedom, I want to learn the secret formula to become rich quickly. However, the truth is that to succeed in life financially is not as easy as you think. These gurus' campaigns that you usually see on the Internet are not telling the whole truth and only want to make money from you by purchasing their expensive course.


Many people out there fell to these traps; it makes me want to write an article on this topic. I want to inform readers about these gurus that claim to have the secret formula to becoming rich. In this article, I will explain why these gurus are fake and only wants your money. Signing up for their course will not teach you how to be rich, and you will only regret paying a large sum amount of money for information that can be found for free.  

Who are Fake Gurus?

I am sure almost everyone out there has had our social media platforms interrupted by these fake guru advertisements. You will see the luxurious cars, lavish mansion, and the claim to having the answer to changing your life of becoming rich. The advertisement campaigns are so good at persuading people who want to be rich.


These fake mentors and fake entrepreneurs have taken over the industry. They exploit upcoming entrepreneurs and the general public to believing them. Tai Lopez is an excellent example of someone who is a fake guru. Trust me; he does not have the answer to your solution to becoming wealthy. I'm not saying that all the things he said are false; however, those courses he offers are overly overpriced. Moreover, the worst part is that some of the information these fake gurus teach can be learned for free.

The Courses are overpriced for what you get in return.

Fake Gurus always over-promise that you will make a million-dollar after one year or so. The courses' content is poor; the information is so basic that we can get from books or the Internet.


Do not get persuaded by these fake gurus claim. They want you to believe that their course will give the answer; however, the truth is that their intention is just to get your hard-earned money. Think about it. If someone claims to be a millionaire, why do they even need to sell a course in the first place? Trust me; you will regret paying a large sum amount of money for the information you will get.

These Gurus get Rich by selling their Online Courses.

These fake gurus became wealthy from selling their online courses. They are brilliant in using the technique to convince people to sign up for their expensive courses. They use expensive sports cars and lavish mansion to make you believe that they have the answer to becoming wealthy. Those expensive possessions that these gurus own are sometimes actually rental, and they do not actually own them. They use these possessions in order to lure people into trying their expensive courses or product. They live with the motto, "fake it until you make it."  


I'm not saying that all gurus on the Internet are shady. I want you, readers, to think with some common sense before actually signing up. I myself also plan to create online courses on stock investing one day in the future. However, I am not going to charge a ridiculous price for it. Moreover, I am not going to overpromise something unrealistic. 

Building a Business is Hard Work.

There are no shortcuts to succeeding in building a successful, profitable business. My dad, who is considered to be successful, did not pay a ridiculous amount of money for courses that promise to richness. He did it by working hard; staying dedicated, and always to keep learning.


Every business has its challenges and frustrations, and many of these fake-gurus paint an unrealistic picture of the world. When you are dealing with these challenges of building a business, it can be easy to think 'it should not be this hard,' which reinforces the fake gurus' message. Business growth takes time and hard work.


If building a business is not difficult, every business would be successful. If it was not challenging, everyone would be a business owner now. Do not fall for the trap that these fake gurus are trying to offer!

My advice to you who actually wants to learn: 

I'm not saying that all online courses on the Internet are a scam. However, before signing up, please use some critical thinking about the value you will receive for the money you are going to spend. There are no courses that can make you rich instantly. Please use some common sense before paying your hard-earned money.


I'm not against people wanting to learn something valuable on the Internet. If you are interested in learning about a niche, you can actually receive this information on the Internet for free. Another source for people to learn something new is a website such as Udemy. The courses they offer range from $10 to $20 max. Unlike the courses these fake gurus offer, they charged over $1,000 or more.


I did not sign up for courses from these fake gurus who claim to have the answer to make a lot of money in the stock market. In fact, I learn them from free sources on the Internet. I also read many books about stock investing, which led me to become a more experienced investor. I did not spend a dime to receive this knowledge and information.


The answer to becoming wealthy does not come from some mentors who claim they have the answer to your solution by purchasing their overly expensive course. If you want to be wealthy, you'll need to be hardworking and dedicated always to keep learning. It does not come from paying for ridiculous expensive courses.


A great place where you can learn about personal finance and stock investing in this blog you are reading right now. The information you readers are getting from reading this blog is FREE. I did not try to sell you a course for a ridiculously high price. There are many free valuable sources of information you can learn on the Internet. You'll be surprised at the things you can learn from the Internet free of charge.

Bottom Line

Don't be fooled into purchasing expensive courses that promise shortcuts to wealth. In order to become wealthy, require hard work and dedication. I did not learn to become the stock investor I am today from expensive courses. In fact, I learned it from freely available sources on the Internet and high-quality, valuable book that are cheap.


Before you purchase a course on the Internet, be wary about the value you will get for the money you are going to spend. I am not telling you, readers, to stop learning new things online. Please use some common sense before making a decision. Remember, the money you are going to pay for something can always be used towards your investment.  


If I spend my hard-earned money on expensive courses will not make me the millionaire I am today. I always think carefully before making a purchase. By living below my mean and making a smart decision about my personal finance is the reason I can attain such wealth.


I don't want you, readers, to waste your hard-earned money on courses that promise short cut to richness. I hope this article's information can give you readers an understanding of the rise of fake gurus on the Internet. Valuable and free information can be learned from a blog you are reading right now. So remember always to read my blog content so that you can become more knowledgeable. The best part is that you do not have to spend a dime reading the contents I have written. All information in this blog is free, and I have no intention to scam you guys into purchasing something for a ridiculously high price. 

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