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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Why I want to be a YouTuber

We can’t deny that cable subscriptions are declining, and more people are turning into streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu. YouTube has become a way people view their favorite television programs. I personally watch YouTube every day using my gadgets. It is very entertaining and an exciting way to entertain yourself. Becoming a YouTuber is a career that had become popular over this past decade. Many YouTubers make a significant income from doing this. Because I see this as an opportunity for me to earn additional income, becoming a YouTuber is a good choice for me.
The YouTube channel I’m going to create will be in the personal finance niche. Similar to this blog you are reading right now, my YouTube channel will have topics and content just like these. I really have a lot of interest and passion for personal finance. I like sharing valuable information for people to learn and help them to potentially become financially successful themselves.  
I understand that many people didn’t succeed as YouTubers. Becoming a successful YouTube requires a lot of hard work and dedication. I know some of you think that I am wasting my time pursuing this career as a YouTuber. However, I believe becoming a YouTuber has many incredible benefits that can potentially boost my career path. In this article, I will explain my reasoning as to why I want to become a YouTuber. Also, I am going to share my strategies and plan as a YouTuber. 
Work from My Hometown.
The first reason I want to become a YouTuber is that I can work from my hometown. I have been working in my dad’s company for quite some time already. I am only making a decent amount ($1700/month) since starting working for him. The wage I’m receiving is considered to be a lot in Indonesia; however, if you compare it with salaries in the United States, it’s supposed to be low (minimum wage). When I keep in touch with my friends living in the United States, I always envy them to make a good income. The salary I’m making in Indonesia is very little compared to them. 
I have a disadvantage looking for a job in Indonesia with significant income, like the United States. However, I see a lot of YouTubers that succeed in making good earnings. This has led me to be interested in becoming one myself. The great thing about this career path is because I can do this in my country. One of the YouTuber I am fascinated with is Graham Stephan. I did my research on how much he makes as a YouTuber. I was very impressed that he actually makes between USD 250,000-$350,000 a month as a YouTuber.
I know I have my disadvantage living in my country; however, I also have my advantage that people don’t live in the United States. Yes, I am indeed making very little compared to people who work in the United States; however, I have the advantage of having a low living cost. For example, I can get a haircut for $2 in Indonesia, which usually costs about $10- $15 in the United States. If I was making the kind of money similar to Graham Stephan, I would be living like a King in Indonesia. Imagine making income in U.S. currency, but have a living cost like in countries such as Indonesia. If I can succeed doing this YouTube venture, I can potentially build more personal wealth of mine.

Able to Speak and Write in English Fluently.
I was fortunate and lucky I had my education overseas. Because of this, I can speak and write in English. This skill might seem unimportant; however, speaking and writing in English is an advantage for me in Indonesia. Many Indonesian can’t speak and write in English. Because of this, many had no choice to work at jobs that are low paying. I can take advantage of the online world to look for an opportunity for me to make U.S. currency in my country.
I am planning to create a YouTube channel using English content. I want my YouTube channel to be excessed internationally. If I can only speak the Indonesian language, I won’t target the market from people living in English-speaking countries. I would probably be able to make Indonesian language content; however, I will only capture the Indonesian market.

Increase Personal Branding.
I believe becoming a YouTuber can increase my personal branding in the online world. I have been writing article content in this blog; however, I think in this new era, people prefer to watch video content more than reading a blog. If I become a YouTuber, I can potentially get myself more recognize in the online world. I want to be able to use this career path for future business ideas. For example, if I can get myself recognized, I can sell products or services through my personal branding in the YouTube world. I believe YouTube is a great marketing tool. Many people use YouTube, and this is a great strategy to get yourself known.
I know I haven’t started creating YouTube content; however, I already have some personal branding plans. I have some business ideas I can utilize with my YouTube channel. After moving back to Jakarta, Indonesia, I have always been figuring how I can make a U.S. wage kind of income. This has led me to try starting many business ventures. If I have strong personal branding on my YouTube channel, I can promote my other businesses over there. These are very strategic synergies that can potentially be a success.

Networking is crucial to becoming a successful entrepreneur or businessman. By networking, you open yourself to opportunities. A great YouTube channel can lead me to meet people with the same interest. I was able to meet another value investor in Jakarta, Indonesia, because of my blog. I believe with YouTube, I can also do the same. A YouTube channel is an excellent marketing tool to market myself. People from all over the world can know about the contents I created. This allows me to meet potential business partners who can work together. I like the idea of being able to network with like-minded people. I enjoy being able to be friends with people with the same goal and interests as me. Not only is YouTube a great way to make extra income, but this marketing tool is also great for networking purposes.

Increase My Personal Wealth & Monthly Budget.
I know becoming a YouTuber doesn’t guarantee success and high income. Many people failed to do this. However, if I can make a bit extra payment a month, I already have excellent success. I’m not expecting myself to make the income Graham Stephan makes. If I can make an extra $1000 a month, I can potentially invest more money into my stock portfolio. An additional $1000/month income is a lot of money already. In Indonesia, I can do a lot of things for a thousand dollars. It’s the same amount I budget myself from spending every month.
Due to my low monthly income, I am not able to invest much money. I am only able to save and invest a low amount of money every month. This is already factoring in the fact that my monthly budget is stringent. If I want to improve my lifestyle, I have to be able to make more income. I know that I will be wealthy still in the future no matter what. However, this is because I have a stringent budget. If I can make an extra $1000 doing this, I can increase my monthly budget by $500 and invest an additional $500 more every month.

Final Thoughts
This blog post informs the reasoning as to why I want to become a YouTuber. I believe becoming one myself can help me increase my career path value. I like the fact that I can do this in my hometown. YouTube allows me to make a potentially large income if I succeed; however, I am not going to expect too much when I just started. I want to earn income in U.S. currency while living in a low-cost country such as Indonesia.
Moreover, I can increase my personal branding using YouTube. There will be people to recognize me from my YouTube channel, which can be a great way to network. I want to be able to meet people with the same interest and goals as me. So anyway, what do you guys think about my idea of becoming a YouTuber? Do you think this is a great strategy to increase my income? Please leave a comment below in the comment section.

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