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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Why I'm Not Buying a New Car & Sticking to My Awesome Beater Car

I have been driving my Mitsubishi Pajero 2009 Model since I
moved back to Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2013. The car used to be my brother's, and he let me have it when I move back to Indonesia. The car is quite old now for it has been used for almost 12 years now. I am planning to keep using this car for another 5 to 10 years ahead. My parents did offer to buy a new car for me; however, I decline the offer. I believe the car I have been using is still fine and runs perfectly. Many readers are probably wondering why I don't get myself a new car since I'm well-off now. The reason for this is because I still want to focus on building my personal wealth. I find buying a new car doesn't give me the satisfaction I want. In this blog post, I will talk about why I don't want to switch to a newer car. Moreover, I will mention my reasoning as to why I love my Mitsubishi Pajero so much.
Great Sound System.
My Mitsubishi Pajero is incredible. Even though it's pretty old now (12 years in age), I still have a lot of fun driving it. I really enjoy the sound system my older brother installed in it. It is equipped with a Focal Be7 3 way sound system and has a 10" subwoofer in the back. I can't imagine how I can drive without listening to the sound system. Readers who have been following my blog know that I love the great audio system. Almost all my audio gadgets are high-end brands, and I don't go cheap on them.
The other reason why I don't want to switch a car is that I find it troublesome if I buy a new car. I have to transfer my audio system from my old car to the new vehicle. It's not only troublesome, but it also costs money to have the audio system installed in the new car. Also, I have to waste a lot of time having the audio installed in the new car. I don't want to go through all those troubles.

Sleeper (Low Profile)
The other reason why I'm planning to use this car for another 5 to 10 years is that I feel the car is a sleeper (low profile). What I mean by a sleeper is that the car is not fancy or attracts peoples' attention. No one will notice that I'm actually wealthy when they see me driving the car. People would assume me to be a regular guy driving an old Mitsubishi Pajero. I can't do this if I am driving a new car. I don't want to attract attention with a new car.

Saving For My Dream Car.
Yes, I am indeed going to drive my Mitsubishi Pajero as a daily drive, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to buy my dream car one day. I still want a luxury sports car of my own in the future. I'm not sure what brand of sports car I'm going to get. It's either a Porsche or a Lamborghini. I'm going to use the sports car as a weekend car which means I'm only driving it weekly. As for my Mitsubishi Pajero, I'm going to use it on the weekdays. I don't find the point of driving a nice car to go to work. I think my Mitsubishi Pajero is excellent enough for a daily driver.
The cost of a luxury sports car in Indonesia is really expensive. The price tags on them are more than in the United States. I'm not going to purchase one anytime soon since I don't want my dream car to slow down my ultimate financial goal. Owning a luxury sports car is a liability that takes cash outflow from your pocket. So before I purchase one, I need to be financially strong. I don't want my dream car to drag me down financially.

No Worries about Getting Into an Accident.
Since my Mitsubishi Sport is old, I don't have to worry about getting into an accident. If I have a new car, I have to worry about getting hit by someone. I don't like the feeling of constant worries. When I drive my Mitsubishi Pajero, I don't have to worry about anything. The car doesn't have much value, and if I do get into an accident, I won't feel bad about it.

No Primary Income
This is the main reason why I don't want to buy a new car. It's because I don't have a primary income of my own. I am relying upon monthly wage working in my dad's company. Working in my dad's company is not a career but more of a free monthly wage. I'm not doing much to contribute value to the company at the moment. Hopefully, my side businesses can turn out well. I want to make my own money without having to rely on my dad. In the meantime, all my side businesses don't generate any income for me. However, I'm grateful that it's not a problem for me to maintain its overhead cost since the businesses I made are very efficient. Let's see if I can build my career from the side businesses I have created. If I'm able to generate money from them, I am more comfortable spending money on a new car.

Final Thoughts
I hope this blog post explains my reasoning as to why I'm not buying a new car. I believe my Mitsubishi Pajero still runs fine, and I'm planning to keep driving it for another 5 to 10 years. But this doesn't mean I don't want to get my dream car. I'm planning to drive my dream car on the weekend only. However, this is still a long time from now. I still need to work on building my career. I want to be able to earn my own income without relying on my dad's company. For the time being, I'm going to keep driving the car I already have now. I don't see the point of wasting money to buy a newer car since my car runs fine. Let me know what you guys think about me staying in my beater car. Do you guys think it's a good idea? Please leave a comment below. I would really appreciate it.

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