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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Why I'm Planning to Stay with My Parents Even If I'm Married

I’m planning to stay with my parents even if I’m married. I know readers out there might wonder why I want to live with my parents even when I’m married. Usually, when you have a family of your own, you should be independent. The answer to this question is that I find it beneficial to live with my parents. It’s not because I need their money since I saved up my own personal wealth for quite some time already. My view of living with my parents had changed after living with them for quite some time.
Back then, I used to want to own my own home because I liked the design of my house to be minimalist. I was always complaining about how my older brother got the opportunity to live on his own. I felt he was lucky to live on his own, but now I feel fortunate I’m able to live with my parents. I’m glad that my dad prevented me from purchasing my own place. If it wasn’t for him, I would probably be in financial trouble now. As I grew up, I learned many valuable lessons from my parents that made me think differently. This is the reason why I want to live with my parents even if I’m married. I hope my future wife can agree to my idea. In this article, I will explain my reasoning as to why I will live with them forever. Moreover, I’m going to talk about my plan of building my own dream home.

Focus on Building my Career.
I have designed the bedroom I’m currently staying in to be efficient. What I mean by that, I have placed a working desk in my bedroom so that I’m able to work even during the nighttime. Living in my parents’ house even when I’m married enables me to focus on building my career first. The current income wage I am receiving now is not sustainable enough to own my own dream home. You have to remember, a house is a liability, so just because you can purchase it doesn’t mean you can maintain it. There are expenses I have to be responsible for owning my own home.
I believe my current career stage is still not strong enough. Yes, my personal net worth is more than a million dollars; however, my primary income is still too low. I need to focus on building my career so that I can afford my own dream home in the future.

Much More Efficiency for the Family Business
Living with my parents still enables me to get important information about my dad’s company. If I was living on my own, I wouldn’t easily communicate with my father. By living in their house, I can understand and learn the business trait of my father’s company. In addition, I can help with any task my father needs at an instance.
Furthermore, my family can save more money by having me live together with them. If I were to live on my own, my family would have additional expenses to be taken care of. For example, there are expenses such as property taxes, electricity bills, water bills, internet bills, and much more.

More Leisure Spending Budget.
If I live with my parents even after I’m married, my future wife and I will have more leisure spending. Instead of worrying about paying bills of living on our own, we can use the money for leisure activities such as eating at a fancy restaurant, traveling to places we like, and much more. I want to be able to have a quality leisure time with my future wife. With more money, we can do things we both like. If we had to live on our own, we would need to worry about our bills of living on our own.

Saved Up for My Future Dream Home.
I don’t want to look as if I’m a freeloader trying to leach from my parents. Yes, it’s indeed true that I can save up more money by living with my parents when I’m married. However, I intend to build my own dream home for my parents and family to live in. The problem with why I can’t do this now is that I’m not at that financial level yet. Besides, I’m still single at the moment.
I believe the room that I stayed in had enough space for my wife’s stuff. For example, I have already prepared space in my wardrobe closet for my future wife’s clothes. I have already prepared space for her shoes as well as her handbags collection. In total, my future wife can have enough room for at least 14 pairs of shoes and at least 11 spaces for her handbags. I hope this is enough space for her things. I am sacrificing my shopping habit by not buying any more clothes of my own. This is because I don’t have the space in my bedroom anymore, especially if two people will live in the room.

I want to build my dream home since I like minimalist design. Moreover, I want to make sure the house is big enough for my parents to live with me too. I do have a high taste when it comes to designing a home. I hope the future dream home I’m going to build will be accepted by my parents and my wife. In the meantime, if I do get married anytime soon, I will probably still want to live in my parents’ home temporarily. I want to make sure my personal net-worth allows me to build the dream home I always dream of. Yes, it will be bigger than the current house my parents and I live in. I believe by delaying gratification, I’m able to purchase the home I always dreamed of. I know that I can allocate my personal net worth to be invested first, and when I’m ready, I will buy my own dream home for my parents and family.

Raising My Future Children Together with My Parents.
I believe that staying with my parents even when I have my own family is beneficial. This is because I want my child to be groomed by my parents as well. I still have to learn a lot from my father. And I want these valuable lessons to be taught to my children as well. Moreover, having my children spend quality time with my parents, they can learn a lot. Living together with my parents even after I’m married can bond our relationship deeper as a family.
My parents are already in their old age. My father, for example, is already 71 this year. I want to be able to spend more quality time with my parents. I used to hate living with my parents when I was much younger. I was always complaining about the house rules and wanted to be independent on my own. That was the reason why I decided to build my own personal wealth. This is because I want to be able to live on my own. As I grew older in age, I learned a lot of valuable things from my parents. I knew the things they preached to me were actually beneficial. This is the reason why I changed my mind as I grew older in my parents’ house. I truly enjoy living with them. For example, I saved money from the food my mom always provides for the family. I wouldn’t be able to receive this treatment if I was living on my own.
Before, I was always rebellious to my parents. I felt that they were too controlling. However, after I grew older, I found that they were actually protecting me from trouble. I feel blessed to have my parents let me stay with them even with my current age. I’m going to be 32 years old soon, and my parents still want me to live with them. I believe my parents will be a significant influence on my children if I do get married. I hope my future wife can agree to these circumstances. I hope she can understand the reason why I’m not leaving my parents behind.
Furthermore, I accepted my parents’ ideology; they also accepted many negative things about me. For example, I’m a smoker, my father was not happy about my smoking habits. However, he eventually accepted my smoking habits. I do plan to quit, though, especially if I’m married. I just want to continue smoking as of now since I don’t have a responsibility yet. In addition, I’m so happy about my father accepting me to raise a cat pet. My dad hated cats; however, he actually loves the cat I have as a pet now. This might seem to be a small matter; however, it means a lot to me.

I hope this article I have just written explains my reasoning as to why I’m deciding to live in my parents’ house even if I’m married. I’m still single now; however, I have already prepared spaces for my future wife’s clothes and things if I get married in the future. I believe that starting a family with my parents allows me to be closer to them. My father is already at his old age, I want to spend more quality time with him. I couldn’t get to know my father deeper when I was young since I was living overseas for my education.
When I just started living with them, I was not able to accept the circumstances. I had many arguments with my parents during those times. However, as I grew older and understood the Indonesian culture, I was able to accept everything. I actually feel blessed for being able to live with them still, even at my current age. I realized all the things they always complain about are precious lessons. In return, I hope I can build a bigger home for my parents and my family if I do get more financially successful. I hope my parents and family will like the home design I always dreamed of.

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