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Monday, December 27, 2021

New Year 2022 Resolution (My Personal Plan & Goal for the Year)

I can't believe it has been one year that has passed by. Before I start writing this article, I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New to all the readers who follow my blog. I didn't accomplish many goals for 2021 since there are 
many things I said I wanted to do for 2021, but I wasn't able to do them. I can still not increase my primary income and still depend on the wage from my father. However, I did manage to accomplish building my workstation in my bedroom. Now, I can't make any excuses for not being productive during the nighttime.
Moreover, I could stick to my financial plan, such as saving and investing every month. Another thing I accomplished in 2021 is learning how to use Word Press Engine for building websites, and I can make all kinds of websites by myself without needing to hire a web developer to build a website.
The Covid Pandemic crisis problem is still not finished yet, but I see the progress of people getting vaccinated. I hope this issue can resolve in 2022. 2022 will be a new year for me, and I will be 32 years old soon. This actually scares me because I'm not getting any younger, and I still want to achieve many things in my life. I want to share my new goal and plan for this fresh start to the year in this blog post.

No More Shopping!
My first goal for the year is not to go shopping anymore. I have already spent a lot setting up my bedroom workstation. Moreover, I also spent a lot of money buying watches and clothes for fashion purposes. I believe I have enough clothes in my wardrobe to the point I don't have any more space for new clothes. 
Furthermore, my bedroom design is almost done. The only thing left that needed to be upgraded was my television set. The TV has been outdated since I purchased it in 2013 when I returned from the United States. I want a more extensive and more advanced television; however, I can wait until I get married before purchasing a new one. The old TV I have now is okay for me to still use. Besides, I'm pretty sure that there will be more advanced and updated television sets in the future, plus it's probably going to get cheaper in price as technology advances. 
Since I have almost everything I need in life, I don't think I need to spend more money on things. I can save more money if I don't have anything needed to be purchased. In addition, I'm glad the items I already have were purchased with cash without needing to go into debt with a credit card. I always buy things with money and hate to do it by going into debt. It will be more difficult for me to build wealth if I am in debt. Since I have zero debt, I can develop my personal net worth much faster and reach my personal finance goal.

Gym, gym & gym!
This is one of my priorities for this year. I want to get in shape and be fit, and I couldn't do that in 2021 because there was a moment when the Covid Pandemic case was terrible in Indonesia that many places were required to be close. I have already signed up for a better fitness center close to my house. 
I plan to spend more time at the gym since I want to get a muscular bodybuilder looks. In addition, spending more time at the gym is beneficial for my health. Increasing my core strength will enhance my balance and coordination and lower the risk of being injured in an accident. Muscle development also strengthens and grows my bones and tendons, which can help avoid fractured bones and tendon strains and tears.
Being healthy and fit is crucial for my future. What's the point of being wealthy but having poor health. All the money I saved up will probably go towards medical bills instead of taking good care of my health. I want to use the personal wealth I build to enjoy my retirement plan.

Getting Serious & More Focus with My Life.
I learned about myself in 2021 that I do get distracted a lot. If you read my old article about my goal and plan for 2021, I have many things I want to achieve. However, I'm constantly distracted and not focused on accomplishing the goal. This is the main reason why I never finished performing the things that needed to be done. I need to be more organized with my daily schedule. For example, I need to dedicate a certain amount of hours in a day to work on the things I need to be doing.
I am not getting younger anymore and going to be 32 this year. I have been procrastinating on my goals for a long time. Despite not meeting my intended purpose, I managed to stick with my financial plan. For example, I always save and invest a certain amount of my income stream. I am building my personal wealth by always being disciplined, saving, and investing every month.
Yes, it might be slow and tedious, but I know my financial future looks bright as time flies by. As of December 2021, my personal net worth of Indonesia and United States assets is approximately $1,300,000. That's an increase of $150,000 from last year's net worth of $1,150,000 (December 2020). Because I see progress on my financial plan, same as in 2021, this year, I will also stick to the financial plan I have before. 
The only issue I am still facing is increasing my income stream. I'm still having trouble finding a way to increase my income stream. This is not because I don't have great ideas of making more income. The problem is that I didn't work hard enough to achieve the goals. I need to be more hard-working in working on my career and my side hustle businesses. If I have a higher income stream, I can save and invest more of my money. In addition, I can also increase my monthly budget expenses to live a higher living standard.

Work on My New Business Venture!
I recently started a new business venture which is a Digital Marketing Agency. The company is called Bunster Design, a leading creative digital marketing firm that delivers top-of-the-line digital experiences to a global clientele through creative and inventive solutions of any complexity. I'm still working on the company website at the moment.
I want to start this business venture because I have a passion for creating websites of my own. Since I learned how to build a website using WordPress Engine, I can make all kinds of websites. I already received a client who is a friend of mine to build a website for her interior design business (W Interior Design & Construction). I only charged her Rp3,000,000 (USD 210) for my service, making her a website for her business. This is considered to be a great bargain. Usually, the service I offer here can cost more than $2000. The best part, I'm not charging her anything until I finish working on her website. I want to make sure she gets the best value for my service.
I currently don't have a team of my own; however, I am looking forward to working with anyone with the same passion. I'm not too worried about not having a group because I can do almost everything myself. I hope this business venture can help me earn some side income. Even though I'm not making much for building websites for clients, the main goal for me right now is to create a reputation and a pool of portfolio of my work. In the future, I can charge a higher price for my service. 
My goal is to get clients internationally, such as in the United States. This way, I can make U.S. dollar currency for my services while working from my country. I already thought of advertising my service through a listing ad website like craigslist.org. I think working on this new business venture is a goal I want to achieve for 2022. Let's see if I can get more clients to work with and make some side income.

Stock Portfolio Investment & Strategy in 2022.
I made some changes to my portfolio in the United States in 2021. I was a dividend-growth investor in the past; however, I decided to concentrate on only two stocks: Alibaba Group (Ticker: BABA) and Pfizer Inc. (Ticker: PFE). My portfolio would have done better in 2021 if I didn't make these changes; however, I still have a high conviction in Alibaba Group. If I was to stick with my old portfolio, I would have an extra $350,000 in net worth. I will purchase more shares of this company with dividends from Pfizer Inc. and my rental income. I'm not sure how my portfolio will do in 2022, but I will stick with these two stocks for a long time. I hope 10 years from now, my current portfolio can outperform my dividend-growth portfolio. I will keep readers posted to see if my thesis is correct.

In Summary
I hope readers understand the goal and plan for this 2022 year. Similar to the goal and plan for 2021, I will stick to my financial plan by saving and investing my income. It's slow progress; however, I know that I can achieve the financial result I always wanted in the long run. In addition, I want to get in shape by spending more time at the gym. Most importantly, I need to stay focused and disciplined to increase my income stream. I need to do something about it and actually work on them. 
By writing this article, I hope I can share my plan and goal with readers out there. This will help me stay on track and be an inspiration for readers out there. Please feel free to express your opinion in the comment section below. Let us hope that 2022 will be a better year for all of us!

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